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A Topaz surely is a birthstone and gem, but also is a name for a smart, independent, and talented woman. She is caring and lovable but has another side. She can also be crazed and filled with carisma and excitement. She tries to do the best she can to make others happy. If it comes to her friends, she WILL defend them with all she has. If you ever see her sad, it is because it is very serious to her and just wants a little company.
Topaz is always happy and hyped.
by Coolwords101 December 22, 2016
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Not just the color of Edward Cullen's eyes but also the birthstone for November. For awhile there, blue topaz was substituted for the glorious gold topaz in an effort to make it more popular during the 80's and more currently, citrine is usually substituted as a less expensive alternative but nothing beats a beautiful, gold topaz for November Scorpios.
She received a blue topaz ring for her birthday but what she really wanted was gold topaz.
by KittenBites December 10, 2008
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A cat with beautiful blue eyes but a split personality, similar to that of a bi-polar human being. One minute he or she will be laying on your chest, purring and licking your face. The next minute he or she will be launching at your mouth with intent to kill. Totally crazy and unpredictable.
"Dude, Breanna must be on the rag because she just turned on me like a Topaz."

"Don't mess with Brandy's man. Believe me, she'll go Topaz on you."
by dancer_chick1988 September 02, 2011
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