Came from the latin route dexterous meaning right handed,fortunate,skillful
That guy is Dexter
by Stereotype1 February 6, 2018
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Dexter is a man who always cares for you. Whatever you might have done in your past, he will see you for who you truly are. He is very attractive and athletic, and good at almost anything he tries. He is good with words and is not scared of showing his emotions. He is a very good friend and will ALWAYS have your back. If you know a Dexter he is a keeper and never hurt him.
I love Dexter
by Sk8rGir1 August 21, 2020
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The act of taking out a person who truly had it coming.
He was such an evil and repugnant guy that the only logic choice was that he got dextered!
by Glenn C A Alexander January 9, 2009
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my dog. he sings like the rapper dexter, but it’s mostly just auto tuned bark. enjoys barking in his sleep (real dedication to his music career) and likes looking for flashlights and eating them. also enjoys chasing after ice cubes and trying to make them move like bugs. he is kind of ugly when he does this. dexter also pees a lot.
who’s this on new dog rap?

oh, that’s dexter. not to be confused with famous dex, o no no.
by rat a pooolie March 20, 2019
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To murder someone vigilante-style as in the hit Showtime series, "Dexter". To kill someone evil, who deserves it.
Someone should really Dexterize that scumbag.
by Sopranonurse January 24, 2011
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A TV show on Showtime about a guy named Dexter. He's a forensics scientist by day, and a serial murderer by night. What sets him apart is that he's a serial murderer of OTHER serial murderers. So he's the good guy of the story. Based on the book series by Jeff Lindsey. Very strange, but well-written.
Tagline: Dexter takes life. Seriously.
by HueyFreeman November 7, 2006
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A cylinder of fat digestive organs and pure horny potential Dexters gut it made of literal steel and is impervious to any damage his horniness is enough to power an entire city block at least until elliot chopped his balls off and robbed humanity of the next age of technology Dexter is by most accounts a mere cocaine sniffer dog that cant actually sniff out cocaine but to many other people he is known as the fat dog that ate an entire christmas cake and walk away unscathed
Elliot: we better get dexter some food aswell or he will try eat ours
Dexter: deepthroats sausage roll
by HamesTheGingeAnnihilator February 26, 2022
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