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A TV show on Showtime about a guy named Dexter. He's a forensics scientist by day, and a serial murderer by night. What sets him apart is that he's a serial murderer of OTHER serial murderers. So he's the good guy of the story. Based on the book series by Jeff Lindsey. Very strange, but well-written.
Tagline: Dexter takes life. Seriously.
by HueyFreeman November 06, 2006
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A sweet, caring, out going guy that is a good friend. Dexters are good boyfriends. Probably the best anyone could ever have. They are always there to give you the best hugs and the best laughs. Everything about them is perfect. The gap between their teeth when they smile makes them unique. They are adorable little things and love music. Dexters will do the sweetest things for the girl he loves. He will cook for her, teach her how to play football and workout with her. And he will never miss an opportunity to tell her how much she means to him and how much he loves her because he honestly does with all his heart. Dexters may be very loving, but they are also shy and afraid of change. When times get tough, a Dexter will abandon you because they are confused and sometimes they don't think straight. Dexters will leave you with the worst heartbreak. But as much as it hurts, they are worth every bit of pain afterwards. If you are lucky enough to be with a Dexter, cherish him and love him, regardless of how much you know it would hurt in the end because he deserves so much love. Unlimited, unconditional love.
The best friend you've ever had?

"Dexter. By far"
by m3rmaid December 20, 2011
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Dexters are very smart, kind caring, and compassionate people. They are sadly despised, but once you get to know them they are great. They are also sporty and can run like a devil. They are control freaks that will yell at you if you do something wrong, but will give you a million compliments if you do a good job. They are also neat and tidy and draw everything with a ruler. They are a little odd at times, but that is because they are insecure about themselves. They make great boyfriends and are to die for in bed. Finally, they can be a little bit of a put down, but if you love them they will return it ten fold.
He is so great, he might even be a Dexter.
by Dfhhgjdgjh October 18, 2018
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A serial killer with a code of operation that mandates that only those who truly deserve to die actually do.
The guy met all the criteria in order that he went dexter all over him
by Glenn C A Alexander January 08, 2009
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A person on the right side or on the side of right. Half evil and half good. Is usually run by emotion and a manipulator of matters at hand.
Dexter has come to save the day, but ends it tragically without anyone ever knowing.
by His Best Girl Friend November 18, 2006
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