something you think is gross or offensive. repulsive behavior."opposed or contrary, as in nature or character."

"that's some repugnant shit"
"im glad you find that repugnant"
by erik metty November 19, 2006
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She found the smell of the perfume (repugnent) and asked for a different bottle.
by incredibleRK March 6, 2011
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The intimidating peril of abhorrence came closer.. and closer.. as it’s repugnant smile blinded me.
by Daniel brody November 14, 2017
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adj. Causing revulsion to people who have high moral values, moral standards, and moral character.
Most people who do morally repugnant things would have higher moral standards themselves if they weren't trying so hard to offend someone.

The very fact that they know the most morally repugnant things to do indicates that they know better.
by Downstrike May 26, 2004
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