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The act of reverse evolution. This word has been coined by the band "Devo". Devolution is a process which mankind is permanently engaged in, and is irreversable. There's nothing one can do about it, so enjoy the ride.
The "election" of George W. Bush is proof of devolution.
by Rich Anderson December 17, 2003
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apple came out with some sort of strap for airpods.. now that my friends, is devolution.
by Udjwkdjsks May 08, 2020
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The act of evolving away from the stigma of the world and into your own person.

With all the pressure in the world to follow the main stream, it’s a great reminder that we are all unique and our own person.

The biggest thing to remember is to always spread kindness and acceptance during your time of chance. Be the person you wish you had in your time of need.

Becoming your self and being happier with yourself creates a little more happiness in the world. And that happiness is spread one more person at a time.

Happiness one soul at a time.
β€œI will be joining the devolution movement.”
β€œHave you seen Aeir’s Devolution?”
by Γ†ir April 15, 2019
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omfg hawt girl who lives in kali.

Able to cop a devo feel from.
*cops a devo feel*. Devo: Why did you just feel me? ;_______;
by pomps November 21, 2003
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