There aren't many devos through the world but the ones that are here hold on to them tight because they are very special
Devo is a cool person
by A balloon December 30, 2015
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Devo is a person who cares about loyalty. He hates snitches, will tell you how he feels and hate people who lie. If you are with a Devo keep him he’s a specialty and has a passion for Pisces
Did you see devo?
Yes devo is my dude everyone knows devo”
by Devin kerr October 23, 2018
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Short for Devestated. Meaning very bad or the feeling of being sad or disapointed.
"I'm so devo that she broke up with me."
by Bigi July 13, 2005
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A male diva, possibly homosexual or meterosexual.
Is Alexis Arquette a diva or a devo?
by soggy.ravioli July 29, 2006
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Word used to describe a something that is SO bad, embarrassing, cheesy, corny and generally cringe inducing that it becomes amazingly awesome. It is so bad that a kind of grandeur creeps into it. Reference the music video for "Whip it" by the legendary band Devo to get the full concept.
by newfiecheung May 14, 2010
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A male diva. A guy who invites attention and drama where none belong.
All I'm trying to do is get five guys together for beers, and they're all being a bunch of devos.
by Shelley McIntyre December 5, 2007
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A metal band popularized in the 80's, known for their hit Whip It. Their signature outfit contains a tiered hat called a Devo Dome.
Did you hear about Devo? They have a new song out called Fresh!
by SimDevoSlipknot September 5, 2017
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