I had some Taco Bell for lunch and and later I had some deuces wild.
by Billy Pal January 11, 2009
deuces wild is an upcoming bboy(break dancing) crew in southern california. Made up of mostly the 562 area but also some from LA and Arcadia and even texas.
deuces wild is a dope crew
by fudsicles February 10, 2009
Is when a guy yells Deuces Wild in front of two other guys, it means that he wants the other two guys to go into a bathroom stall with him and stick their dicks in his anus at the same time and ream him out. He can also signal it with both hands, ie: The guy also makes a shape of a circle/hole with the fingers on one hand and a peace sign on the other hand and rams them into the circle/hole repeatedly.
Hey guys! It's Deuces Wild time! No way dude, we ain't down with that shit!
by Chunkyblue June 27, 2022
A card game where 2 are wild.
Guy #1: I got a full house Ace's over 2's.
Guy #2: No, that's a five of a kind, deuces are wild jack-ass
Guy #1: DAMN I am lucky! I will be taking that pot right now.
by Mike December 12, 2005
To use a public bathroom without ever being a customer because your colon is about 90 seconds from blowing out. Dropping Wild Deuces usually involves little to no eye contact. At most, the person throwing down will shrug their shoulders evoking a head shake from the employee.
Manager: "Have you seen the guy in the red hat?"

Employee: "Yeah - he dropped Wild Deuces then high-tailed it for the door. When I asked if he needed any help, he just said 'I'm good' without ever making eye contact."

Manager: "Sh*t - again! Wild Deuces again! I'm going to go to his house, drop Wild Deuces, and then just leave without ever saying 'hi' to his wife or anything."
by Arthur Drood February 3, 2016
The period of time when you have to take a #2 so badly and are frantically trying to locate the nearest toilet.
After parking his car illegally in the handicapped spot, Dan clenched as hard as he could on his wild deuce chase to the washroom at the far end of the Wal-Mart Supercenter.
by Raul (comes out at night) December 30, 2010