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A very popular rock band that compromised their raw energetic music to become a radio friendly Top 40 staple in order to pack arenas full of teenaged girls. They have a huge fan base who consider them to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time mainly because they are one of only a few "rock" bands out there at this point in time. Their sound is characterized by very basic song structures limited to four chords or less, generic lyrics, virtually no lead guitar or solos and a general absence of the blues.
Dude 1: "Yo the Kings of Leon are so amazing! They are like the best rock band ever."
Dude 2: "Really, you think so? Listen to this band called Led Zeppelin and let me know what you think..."

Later that week...

Dude 1: "Umm, Zeppelin blew my mind. Sorry man I should have done more research before making that statement."
Dude 2: "It's ok everyone makes mistakes. Now go and enjoy your new life."
by Raul (comes out at night) January 26, 2010

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Relies heavily on the element of surprise. While a significant other is on the toilet taking a #2, the man waits quietly outside the door and pulls it (ie. loads the gun). When the time is right, the man busts open the door and lets it go all over the helpless deuce dropper. Classic!
Hey Larry!
I SWAT Teamed Agnes while she was taking a dump!
Right on man!
by Raul (comes out at night) January 12, 2006

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The lane on a highway directly adjacent to an off ramp lane where Assholes try to cut in at the very last possible second to avoid a line up. This generates new traffic in the asshole lane and a subsequent chain reaction into neighboring lanes.

It is a major root of rush hour traffic on highways worldwide.
Passenger: "Dude get out of this lane quick"
Driver: "Why?"
Passenger: "Because it's the asshole lane!"
Driver: "Thanks you are so wise"
by Raul (comes out at night) December 16, 2009

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The most disgusting thing ever. The basis for 'The Habbodite Game'.

When a man takes a freshly aborted fetus and inserts his penis through any hole with enough force to rupture the abdomen. Using this new corridor he then grips the fetus and uses it to masturbate to completion.
Rules of 'The Habbodite Game':

1) ask someone to think of the grossest thing that he/she can possibly think of.
2) place a wager
3) ask the person to reveal their grossest thing.
4) rock their world by defining the Habbodite and collect your winnings.
by Raul (comes out at night) September 20, 2009

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adjective: being or acting like a; jerk, asshole, weirdo, obtuse, bothersome
why you bein' so faesty, guy?
by Raul (comes out at night) November 06, 2007

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The fart that is the grounds for ending a relationship.

May be loud, silent, smelly, in public or in private.
Gerald: *pfffftt!*
Marcy: "I swear if you fart one more time then it's over. It will be the break up fart"

Later that evening......

Gerald: *poot*
Marcy: "That's it I'm outta here!"
Gerald: "please baby I'm sorry take me back!"
(door slams)
by Raul (comes out at night) December 10, 2011

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A fart that sounds like the shofar blown during the jewish high holidays in a synagogue.
Moshe blew a really loud shofart at Rosh Hashanah and the whole congregation laughed, especially Isaac and Ephram but not Rabbi Goldstein.
by Raul (comes out at night) September 13, 2013

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