2 definitions by UnicornMaster

A woman whose hilarity is beyond words. Whether she is translating ketchup/cashew/ke$ha lyrics or showing how her push up bra helps her get her man, her humor is completely unique and will have you laughing uncontrollably. Glozell is known for making up her own words such as “Crackamus” “Crotchumas” & “Aluminum Digger”. She knows when its time to get rid of that rude boy and get yourself into those AAA meetings. Probably the funniest gal on youtube.
"Girl, how drunk IS you?!"

"Don't call her name Alejandro. Don't call her name Roberto. Don't call her name Cilantro...."
by UnicornMaster August 4, 2010
A movie containing a villain named Gru, 3 orphan girls with weird ass name, and yellow minions that assemble on que.
Also, probably the best movie ever made. A cinema adventure filled with evil villains, freeze guns, girl-scout cookies, and fluffy unicorns.
-"Did you see Despicable me?"
--"Of course, I brought my unicorn with me!"
by UnicornMaster July 27, 2010