13 definitions by Radiotrophic Gint

The laughingstock of the group.
Shreeto: *Exists*
Person 2: what's so funny? she is just walking around
Person 1: ... Don't you know she is the Town Oaf?
by Radiotrophic Gint August 1, 2022
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Another way to say children. This is normally used by grammatically challenged dive coaches.
Diver: coach do you want to make a tik tok with me?
Coach: ... fuckin churren
by Radiotrophic Gint October 19, 2022
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She seems like a normie girl until you realize she is a co owner of Spread Eagle Club. In her free time she likes making friendship bracelets with her gay best friend. Her boyfriend is abusive but she says he isn't that bad once you get to know him.
Person 1: Yo why is sudiksha's boyfriend such an asshole
Person 2: IDK she is into guys like that
Person 3: Yea its a typical sudiksha move
Abusive Boyfriend: WHAD U PUNKS JUST SAY??!?!
by Radiotrophic Gint July 8, 2022
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What you say to teeny before you give him luncc
Me: Gabbar its yo luncc time
Gabbar: *starts foaming at the mouth*
by Radiotrophic Gint September 12, 2022
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wanting something really bad
unironically one of the best feelings in the world
Person 1: I wanna get good at fencing. I'm gonna start lifting every day from 6-7AM, practice every night from 6-9PM, go to every competition in the region, eat 4 meals a day, take shots of protein powder, juice up on creatine . . . *unintelligible rambling*
Person 2: Do you want a napkin?
Person 1: Why would I need a napkin?
Person 2: Cuz u are visibly foaming at the mouth
by Radiotrophic Gint October 18, 2023
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What you say when someone proves you wrong, and you have nothing to say back.
Person 1: The earth is flat.
Person 2: Are u an oaf? We have 3D pics of Earth from space.
Person 1: ... dmeme
by Radiotrophic Gint July 6, 2022
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to expose someone's deepest darkest secrets
Me: Yo we gotta crack Mily like an egg.

Sammy: wtf is wrong with you

Shreeto: stop saying that man
Me: ... she will be cracked like an egg ...
by Radiotrophic Gint August 6, 2022
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