the attachment of jewelry to an anchor in the dermis
pieces of metal stuck in your face, or anywhere on the skin
worn often by youth and often overboard in an attempt to look different from their peers when in reality...they look like everyone else as dermal is becoming very commonplace

"Karisten was tweaking and got a facial dermal"
by chichikaka April 23, 2015
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Blow Job of the highest caliber. Really long lasting, enthusiastic, mind shattering oral sex. Super Head.
She gave me Dermal Majora.

That Dermal Majora was bomb, yo.
by JediElle February 20, 2010
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A new way or piercing that can be done anywhere on the body, hence the name "dermal." You can get multiple dermals to make the shape of something, such as a star. A single dermal on the finger is also popular as a "dermal ring." It usually requires a curved piece of jewelry to act as the "anchor", the piercer slides the curved part under the skin and all that is seen on the surface is your jewel or ball. It cannot be removed by yourself, if you do it'll scar really bad, you need to have it surgically removed, or very carefully by a professional.
"Dude did you see Aarons dermal anchor?"
"Yeah its fucking queer, who gets dermals in the form of something?"
"Yeah and it bled like crazy."
by abby tobey May 8, 2008
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Cuddles with focus on the pleasure the skin feels from contact with another persons skin.
I could really go for some dermal snuggies with Duane but he cocooned himself in the blankets.
by Dinosaurspiders October 28, 2023
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Irreparable damage to human skin/cellular DNA caused during the era of radical climate change beginning in 1991.

{A progressive term used to characterize the harmful, mutative and disabling effects of global warming on human tissue, wherein hyper-radioactive, electro magnetic waves bombard, eviscerate, and, over extended periods of time, 'incinerate' layers of 'dermis' (skin). The presence of pathology is detectable when cellular membranes become necrotically cauterized, inducing an incurable, desmoplastic form of melanoma. The evidentiary revelation of the Dermal Incineration Event, or D.I.E., (beginning in 1991) was introduced by 'Al Gore Research Institute' scientists; Dr. Johnson Cooks, Professor Patty Meltingood and Dr. Kevin Michael Damone of Ridgemont.}
1. Many of our neighbors were recently diagnosed with skin cancer as a consequence of the "Dermal Incineration Event."

2. Dr. Kevin Michael Damone gave two Earth Wind and Fire tickets to Charles Jefferson and his brother, then, 9 years later, published his introspective, proprietary, sealed thesis regarding the effects of the "Dermal Incineration Event (D.I.E.)" on the human condition after comparing conclusive data from three prominent subjects, Stacey, Linda and Mark Ratnor, while listening to side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV.
by Charitable Disguise December 21, 2019
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An implant piercing on the skin which there is only one hole. A flat plate which sits under the skin with only one exit for the barbell giving it the appearance of it being screwed into the body.
"Whats that gem on you?"
"It's called a micro dermal implant. Its a piercing, but only has one hole. The barbell is under the skin"
by MackGirl January 8, 2009
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A small rodent (gerbil) which manages to burrow beneath the skin of its human host. Upon entering the victim's epidermis it feeds, mostly on bone and ligament. Very quickly, the gerbil makes its way to the abdomen where it severs it's host's the spinal column and skoaches the spinal fluid dry. Gerbils seldom burrow into humans on instinct, usually the rodent must be exposed to some sort of radio active material in order to become a sub-dermal gerbil. A sub-dermal gerbil usually enters its victim from their ankle region, as this part of the bod is usually closest to the ground. Victims have the best odds of survival if the sub-dermal gerbil enters through one of their limbs, but only a finite amount of time to cut the gerbil out using a skiv before it reaches their abdomen.
My grandfather died from a sub-dermal gerbil attack. He promptly got out his knife, but the little rascal entered just below his flummers, burrowing deep into his gut where it was too late.
by Ross Andrew Haggerty June 26, 2008
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