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A profound and controversial characterization of the female genitalia, where "Ditch" represents the angular, contoured bordering meat of the labia, and "Squid" depicts the amorphous, unidentifiable, moistened nonsense in between. Sometimes used as the final closing/mic drop term in adolescent "funny names for genitalia" competitions.
Dude, she pulled up her skirt and it totally looked like a frickin "Squid in a Ditch!"
by Charitable Disguise October 12, 2019

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An alcohol induced, female bar patron with an insatiable and unrelenting obsession to haphazardly sample, finagle and endure an unfulfilling quest for the ultimate 'Noodle' (a.k.a. male genitalia). Sometimes used in combination with the following adjectives/descriptors: 'sloppy', 'unsightly', 'desperate', puss-wide-open' and 'gargantuan'. For example: 'Sloppy Noodler' or 'Unsightly Noodler'.
Dude, the "Noodler" has been in here every night this week!
Are you frickin kidding me, the "Noodler" is totally out of control today. She's had her puss-wide-open for at least six guys since 11am!
I was pulling up to Trudeau's house and the "Noodler" came out of a side hatch door, barefoot, wearing a Nickelback t-shirt.
by Charitable Disguise October 13, 2019

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A covert, stealthily disguised term of endearment used to fervently intimate the attractiveness of a female, often emphasized with reckless, pre-pubescent enthusiasm. In cases of extreme glamour and beauty, occasionally pronounced with a heightened focus on sustaining vocal droning and amplitude on the letter "I".
She's a "Night!"
OMG dude, she is a frickin Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
by Charitable Disguise October 12, 2019

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A gentelmenly, over enthusiastic vocalized expression of supreme delight, exhilaration and triumph when greeting and welcoming a close friend or loved one. Adapted from post cold war pop culture references to blissful, timeless rhythmic engagement in Easter European Dance Halls, the term "Days" personifies the intensity and joy of the moment in the presence of partners (i.e.friends or loved ones). Sometimes spoken with an indistinguishable European accent. In cases of suprise greetings, 'Days' is used in conjunction with the word 'Hey', as in "Hey Days!"
{Friend enters room} "Days!"
{Friend enters room, surprising and overwhelming you with joy} "Hey Days!!!"
by Charitable Disguise October 13, 2019

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1. Adapted from a nefarious, celebratory expression of fulfillment and pleasure during a Palpatinian Galactic Republic conflict, YEAH illicits the paradoxical, primordial feeling of satifaction with the demise of a foe/adversary.

2. A spontaneous and vociferous articulation of exuberance shared in 'call and response' reciprocity during any appreciative interaction with a friend. Occasional pitch inflection (lower or higher octave) used as a discretionary option to incite laughter.

3. A term used to greet a friend.
1. {Villian summons the force to pin hero under scaffolds} "YEAH!"
2. {Friends mutually realize they just achieved something great} "YEAH!!!"
3. Hey "YEAH" (lower octave)
by Charitable Disguise October 18, 2019

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1. Originally adapted from the Armenian mis-pronunciation of the English word 'slice', 'Saliza' \s-uh-lies-uh\ is exclaimed with a sense of enthusiasm, urgency, frustration, confusion and disgust by a foreign order taker attempting to impersonate an authentic Italian pizzaiolo at any Rays Pizza restaurant in the United States. Sometimes articulated with deliberate extended emphasis on the consonant 'z' (i.e. Salizzzzza) as an indication of impatience when patrons are indecisive or quick to change their minds from their initial order.

2. A term used to ask a friend or a loved one if they want to hang out or grab a bite to eat. Often conveyed with intentional Armenian personified accent in a lower octave to incite the onset playful conversational/text banter.
1. {Patron walks up to counter at Rays Pizza to place an order} "I'd like a slice of pizza please." {Armenian impersonator replies} "What kind of 'Saliza'? {Patron responds} "Actually, two slices of cheese please." {Armenian impersonator, visibly frazzled with a vile and disconcerting affect, confirms and relays order} " You want a two 'Salizzzas? Hey, he want a two cheese 'Salizzzzzas.!" "Your numba 91(the same number given to every patron, is also the year the Armenia declared independence from the Soviet Union)

2. {Friend sends text to another friend} "Hey Days, you wanna "Saliza" on Saturday." {Friend replies} "Hey Days, would love to 'Salizzzzza!"
by Charitable Disguise October 26, 2019

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1. An instinctual and gregarious choral expression of unencumbered joy at the onset of a conversation or 'in person' reunion with a friend or loved one, after a long separation. Often exclaimed with intentional, sustained legato emphasis in order to incite a reciprocal counter hoot (as depicted in suffix form with three consecutive vowels tagged to the traditional etymological pronoun 'you'.).
2. Adapted from a comedic reference highlighting the trials, horrors and banal tribulations associated with Dieter's Dream, 'Youuuu' is sometimes used in conjunction with the preceding words 'First, I would {choice of verb}..'
1. {Your cell phone buzzes; a call from an old friend. You answer} "Youuuu!", {Your friend retorts} ""Youuuu!" {Instantaneous glee ensues}
2. First I would throw 'Youuuu' to the ground......
by Charitable Disguise October 20, 2019

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