When one vomits with such force that it sprays for several feet from the mouth. Must be performed with the head facing forward for best results.
Man, I was so drunk last night, I projectile vomited from my couch clear across the room and hit the wall!
by DarkRob2000 April 5, 2006
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1. when one is almost scared or surprised with something so heinous and disgusting that the contents of their bowels come up so fast as vomit that it lands some distance from the vomitee
2. when one vomits and it lands at least 3 feet in any direction away from them
- "when i saw shelia without makeup on for the first time i projetile vomited"
- "my dog was sick and projectile vomited from one end of the room to the other"
- "let me get my measuring tape out because i think you may have just projectile vomited"
by bobefet October 27, 2006
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When you can vomit in someones face who is on the other side of the room from you.
I ate some week old burritos and ended up projectile vomiting across the room.
by frostystevens January 18, 2011
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Projectile Butt Vomit is another term for and to discrabe diarrhea
I am calling into work to night and telling the boss I have projectile butt vomit
by clint roberts October 26, 2007
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What you say when a situation makes you want to get physically sick and also see someone suffer at the same time.
For example...
Satanist: no, we aren't genius.
Christian: *pulls out "holy water* THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!"
Satanist: this... you are so sickeningly ignorant... This makes me want to projectile vomit onto your face!
by UrbanScribe7 January 15, 2018
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