a rental car that you can fuck up, or not worry about small damage to
"dude i am SO SORRY i ran my shopping cart into your car."
"all good homie, it's a dental."
by McGrapeNutts December 16, 2009
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A word repeated together with the words PLAN, LISA, NEEDS, and BRACES to form a hilarious comody sketch.
So long dental plan...

Dental plan... lisa needs braces...
by lenny November 4, 2003
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Adj. Another form of the commonly used word, cool. (Awesome, crazy, cool, etc.)
Yo, that's mad dental! (Refering to the sight of the new Saleen S7)
Oh man, did you see what he did? That was dental. (Refering to a guy who managed to eat a live ostrich. Whole.)
by RWB September 8, 2003
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Willy gave her a "dental" before leaving to go home.
by Polabear August 11, 2003
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Something that this dumb shit kid said in my class to referance dentures
I had to replace my Dentals the other day!
by Matrix17 March 15, 2018
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Somebody who has orthodontic problems, especially teeth coming in slowly.
"My orthodontist said I'm dentally advanced."
"Mine said I"m dentally retarded."

by plunger333 August 7, 2007
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noun , A co-worker who sucks dick over constant fear of
losing his/her job; a person who would perform sexual favors to get a job just because it has 'good' dental insurance.

-ing verb, The act of taking a low paying job for
dental and health insurance and taking comfort in the security provided by such 'good benefits'. People who take this types of job usually have studied engineering in college, and have a hard time understanding why they studied calculus instead of getting laid only to end up with the same crappy 50k/year job as the liberal arts major.
Mr. Lee is such a dental dick he'll be giving his manager gummies until he turns age 65 and can retire.
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