A fucked up doctor who stabs you in the mouth with needles and drills
Kid: My teeth hurt
Mom: You're gonna go to the dentist this Friday
Kid: NO!
by Fuckedous January 29, 2016
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An asshole that tells you to open your mouth wide and the proceeds to insert things in your mouth.
Dude I just went to the dentist and I had to open my mouth wide and then they put things in there.
by Your a wanker November 23, 2016
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A dentist is a man (or woman, im all for equality) who takes great delight in hurting you. He does this with his vast collection of Sharp Shiny & Scary tools. Once he's managed to make you either cry or pass out from pain - he charges you for it.
Quite a nice little scam really....
Dentist: That'll be £500
by dean-a-thon August 16, 2005
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"You know the difference between a dentist and a sadist don't you? Newer magazines!"
by Little Jerry November 15, 2006
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A person that is a rich fucking asshole and owns 3 different offices and his teeth are straight and pure white and he tortures kids with braces and headgear and retainers he tortures kids with braces which hurt like fucking hell when tightened or when you eat something it hurts like hell and and messes up talking mine were 6500$ and hurt like fucking hell and it made the fucking dentist more fucking money by torturing kids teeth just so there straight and then shift back and then the dentist says you need braces for another 2 years and there workers are sexy and torture you it’s a waste of money and if you don’t take care of braces he gives you a lecture of how to take care of them and you can’t pick colors for your torture device aka braces and you try to explain to him that they where hard to take care of and says get in the chair kid and once the braces are of your excited and the dentist says where the retainer for the rest of your life and if it gets lost more money for the dentist and teeth aren’t straight and says need braces again Fuck the kid says.
Mason: hey wyly I just got my braces of today I don’t have to where them again

Wyly:yeah man no more of those torture devices from hell

Dr o’hara Well mason you need a retainer for the rest of atornity and weed need a wire for the bottom tooth that bent back.

Mason shit I have to where this fucking retainer again I have to take it out when I eat and put it back in my mouth

Dr O’Hara it’s gonna make me more fucking money if you lose it Mason

Mason a dentist way of making money is when kids lose there retainers and have to get braces or torture kids basically
by MW150040582 September 5, 2018
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Someone who is payed to brush your teeth once a day, two times a year. If you are too lazy to do it yourself on a regular basis, he/she tears apart your mouth with needles and hooks, causing pure pain to the lazy fuck.
My dick of a dentist made my gums bleed
by sk8s4d8s November 14, 2012
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an asshole that no one likes except for their mothers. its even worse if you have one that doesnt wear a mouth gard thing because then they breathe all over you and where they breathe turns white and dies because of malaria. then they shove a bill in your face but you say fu-- then they bitch slap you and inject you with pain killers before you can finish saying fuck you. then when youre knocked out or in lala land they either forge your signature or steal your money or throw you in the industrial size meat grinder and feed your remains to their little demon kids that they never stop bitching about.
dentist:my kids have wings and red skin but no penis!

dude:fuck you *punches dentist in face and knees him in balls*

dentist:that didnt hurt
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