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A term used to describe a french kiss between to Irish youths (usually). It's usually heard around the Dublin area, and I've not heard of it anywhere else.
Sean: My friend really wants to meet you tonight. (to non Irish person)

Non Irish person: Yeh sounds good. where and what time does he want to meet?

Sean: <*seems confused that non Irish person is so precise about meeting people.*>
by Gma June 02, 2005

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A religious person who is obsessivily you could say, and insanely into his or her religion. They tend to 'bash on' about their religion and try to feed it to you. No disrespect to their religious beliefs, but knowing a bible basher can somtimes get sticky. They tend to be very preotective over their religion, and know nearly everything about it. They will argue the point, and during times of bashing, can become quite violent.
Bible Basher: <*rabbits on about some Bible stuff*>

Little Jonny: What is he talking about Dad? I'm a little scared.

Jonny's father: Oh jus ignore him, he's a bible basher.
by Gma June 02, 2005

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Something people to to remove fat using easier means. You must undego surgery. It is thought that either reallly fat people get it done because their too fat to lose weight any other way, or really skinny people who think their fat when they're not. Alternatively it is also thought that it is for lazy people to lose weight and gain a better figure with, without jus simply eating less and exercising more. It can also cost you a fat chunk out of your wallet.
Self obsessed whore-"Dave thinks I'm fat"

Friend of self obsessed-whore, Whorette-"Honey, you should try liposuction, I know this great plastic surgeon doctor that I can recommend you too."
by Gma June 02, 2005

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Good product to buy to keep your teeth at their best, but also a wonderful way to remove pubes from your teeth after a guy/girl has gone down one a hairy lady, with a large flower bed
Guy 1: "I heard that she's well hairy that girlfriend of yours"

Guy 2: "Better remember your dental floss tonight then eh?"

Guy 3: "Nah she aint, she has a beautifully trimmed and waxed minge." <*embarrassed*>

Guy 4: "What's that in your pocket then?" <*points to dental floss*>
by Gma June 02, 2005

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the art of rolling up a nice phat joint using rizlas etc.
"Hey man where you at? We're just in the park skinning up a beautiful spliff, u can come down, but it will cost ya"
by Gma June 02, 2005

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LADY SOV self proclaimed midget, hus tunes r bangin!
yo bredrin u hear dat new sound from lady sov?
by Gma April 02, 2005

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An action you take to get something for your own advantage out of. .e.g. sneaking around beanging someone else's bird. The excitement or adrenaline benifits you.
"Fuck you man, is that how you get your kicks banging my bird?"

"Well she never got kicks from you."
by Gma June 02, 2005

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