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"Deleters"- plural n. deleter
1. One who deletes a wall post or e-mail before one has read the contents. To ignore incessant bloggers/spam/threads without regard for sender's feelings.
2. People of the digital age who pretend not to be.
3. Buttheads.
Most of the people in this thread aren't even responding to my comments. They must be deleters.
by BeemeiValentine January 26, 2009
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people who come on this site and go around getting things deleted at random, just because THEY dont agree with it. wich is pretty sad. Even more sad than making up a word to describe them.
"Those damned deleters got my definition of slapper deleted, maaan it took me a week to write that."
by Joe December 06, 2003
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a person who deletes a person from some form of online social contact - facebook or similar
it is not cool to be a deleter
by DJ Wechat April 06, 2017
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