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A phrase that went through Hillary Clinton’s head when she was checking her email; A term often used by Foxslayer57 that he says whenever he gets the chance
Foxslayer57: The other team is controlling me
Wpkoski & PortedData: that’s one of Rey’s abilities
Foxslayer57: DELETE IT!!!

Hillary Clinton: *checks email*

Hillary Clinton’s Thoughts: Delete it, do it
by PortedData February 06, 2018
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When a person,removes a comment or possibly themselves from a situation to see a possible different out come of said situation. Normally done in a controlled environment.
Thing 1: Im sick of you always coming in here and changing stuff. Stop touching my stuff you turd licker.
Thing 2: Turd licker? Whatever you butt munching donkey doer.
Thing 1: That a new one for you. GREAT INSULT.
Thing 2: (talking to Mom) I would like to remove Thing 1 from the conversation.
Just Delete it.

MOM: Why?
Thing 2: Who congratulates someone on a great insult?That a first.
by T.H.O.T Conscious1185 November 27, 2017
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