The ability to quickly and accurately read an environment, a situation or a person.
My definability tells me that Juan is manipulating his team in order to make himself look good.
by k3mmf January 20, 2012
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The present participle of define, when someone is explaining the meaning of something.
Person 1: Where is Will?

Person 2: He's busy defining words on Urban Dictionary.
by wrjm2003 November 03, 2019
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A useless feature on Urban Dictionary because you'll never have your definitions published, no matter how vulgar, informative, or accurate it may be.
Person 1: I wanted to define it but Urban Dictionary didn't take it.
Person 2: Man that sucks, that feature is useless.
by nviebs15 November 22, 2016
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The word many people use to spell 'definitely' until they suddenly realise they've been spelling it the wrong way.
Woah, I've been spelling it wrong all my life! That's definitely whack!
by insertexpletive December 17, 2004
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The modern mis-spelling of definitely seen in almost every modern example where a spell checker was not deployed, most commonly in internet chat, probably from its mis-pronunciation by modern youth and/or being confused with unfortunately.
by ..WiL May 15, 2005
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