Bro: I got a 700 on my SATs! I am definately going places.
by knoxie December 22, 2008
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The most common spelling of the word "definitely" in internet forums, comment pages, and chat rooms. If you pay attention, you will find that "definitely" is actually the second or third most common spelling. Alternatives include "definatly", "definetly", or best of all "defiantly".
Microsoft's Zune is Definately no iPod - and the person who made that digg post is definitely no English major.
by Cliff November 22, 2006
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"definitely," as blogged, emailed, or texted by a complete moron.
"There is definately at least one A in 'definitely.'"
by Curt McGirt June 27, 2007
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(v.) A combination of two words: define (to assign meaning to a word) and defecate (to take a crap). To assign an arbitrary meaning to a word spontaneously; to fabricate a definition on the spot. In other words: to pull a definition out of your ass. Related: defination (n.)

In a melodious harmony, the word "definate" was, in itself, definated to become a defination.
Users at definate and submit words everyday for the benefit of the general population.
by the_Langolier March 02, 2007
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Not defined is what not cannot be defined by urban dictionary till now
The pussy u seen is not defined because it's not real
by Rimortyckand April 24, 2017
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