The most honorable and at the same time relaxing and emotional action in a man's mean day.
I have been decorated by the Queen of england herself for having taken a crap in the royal bathroom. The most noble defecation of the garter
by XxLorDxX November 21, 2010
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Is a direct result of defecation. Not to be confused with dessicant, defecant is sometimes used during sex - scat. ITS SHIT!!!
"I just clogged your toilet with defecant." "This defecant taco is mighty tasty" "Mine pants are filled with defecant."
by Juanny Mendez July 30, 2006
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The most kick ass awe-inspiring crime fighting duo of all time and continuance. That uses any and all nessesary tactics. including tag up attacks such as THE DEFECATION ANNIHILATION.

These super hero geniuses were the master brain childs of Dan Olson and Eric Kok.
Super Man aint got shit on the defecators.
by defecator January 24, 2004
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Defecation of Feceation is the act or process in which organisms in your body help remove solid or semisolid waste materials from the digestive tract, which exits through the anus. This is done by Waves of muscular contraction known as peristalsis. In the walls of the colon move fecal matter is moved through the digestive tract towards the anus where it is released.
John had to go to the toilet after dinner and he dropped defecations out of his anus into the toilet.
by Daniel Morton August 21, 2006
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A defecal is a plumbing fixture used for collecting & then disposing of defecation (poop). It is a portmanteau of the words, "defecate" and, "urinal".

The defecal is a bit like a urinal -- only the defecal is used solely for taking a plop. If you piss into a defecal, it will require maintanence -- much as a urinal would if you drop a deuce into it.
Hey James, this defecal is fucked up; some true-blue total asshaberdasher must have pissed into it! Any idea where another one is cause I really have to leave a shit!
by Telephony November 22, 2016
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