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Rhythmic visceral muscle contractions in the digestive system that function to transport ingested materials caudally, unless stimulated by the emesis reflex where the flow of digested material is reversed.
Dude, last night Veronica's peristalsis was inhibited by my massive cock.
by CheesyBear November 8, 2014
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An inaccurate alternative term for regurgitation or vomiting, typically used by grade school science teachers who don't actually understand science and use the urban dictionary instead of a competent textbook to source classroom material.

While reverse peristalsis in the small intestine can occur during vomiting, the actual act of vomiting does not involve peristalsis.
The technical term for vomiting is not reverse peristalsis it is regurgitation.
by MrScience April 6, 2011
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n. the act of vomitting. (Peristalsis being the sequence of muscular contractions that moves food down the esophagus, the reverse of which would bring food up the esophagus.)
Sam drank too much. He's in the bathroom engaging in reverse peristalsis.
by Android March 10, 2005
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that act of moving the chips in the bag without actually touching them
Oh that guy is eating his chips using external peristalsis
by dashoaa February 24, 2008
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One of the best HardCore band ever!Pukie Head Productions.
Dave-Don-Vig-Jayson. R.P.= NJ/HC
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The term "reverse peristalsis" refers to the act of human fecal matter traveling up the esophagus due to a blockage in the colon sending fecal matter to the stomach. This is sometimes known as "potty mouth" and can be found on an episode of House, M.D.
I heard Shauna had reverse peristalsis while in the hospital
by XtremePlayzYT January 15, 2017
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