To throw all the garbage accumulating for weeks out of the car window while driving.
I just Olsoned all the nattys and piss jugs.
by Bigblizzys June 29, 2019
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"Olson" is the name from one of the several hot-tempered family lines from North America. With ancestory ranging from scandanavia to polish, the early original angry families such as the "Olson"s migrated to North America like so many other new-world pioneers. North America's weather was and still is a tough bitch to deal with, which is what make the angry families a unique part of North American heritage.

You'll know you are an Olson WHEN..
-Either first, middle, or last name is Olson.
-You live on a farm in Canada.
-You seem to be extremely angry and exciteable.
-Every male in your family is also angry and exciteable.

Above rednecks, yet below high-class, knowing someone from such a lineage is an honor. Although some Olsons have learned to control their explosive reactions, the fact remains that you can still provoke one into an incredible frenzy of old-fashioned swearing, insulting, and fighting.

Just remember that not ALL Olsons are like this, and that there would be evidence needed to prove an "Olson" (see above).
"That angry Olson is yelling at the cows again."
"Ha ha! Lookit that Olson at it again!"
by SeriousDic-tionary October 12, 2009
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To Burn Popcorn
(The captain of Burning microwavable products)
You pulled an "Olson"

It smells like somebody "olsoned the food"
by Leonard Bacchetta April 20, 2004
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Extremely fat, yet still manages to be superficial and critical when it comes to the appearance of others.
"Hey, look at that fat chick!!"- Olson
"Yeah... Lose a hundred pounds or so, and then we'll talk about who's fat, ok?"- normal kid
by lovemetender49 March 30, 2011
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The act of being a pedophile, scam artist, and overall piece of shit, all in one.
That Nick kid is Olsoning so hard. His existence kills brain cells of anyone within a 3 mile radius.
by ldoybl May 5, 2019
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To be up a creek without a paddle. To have the whole world in the palm of your hand and then blow it. (A figure of speech)
I'd rather get Olsoned out here in the middle of nowhere then lose face in front of my friends and family.
by OlsonForPres2012 February 18, 2010
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To reach a level of intoxication in which gravity increases by a minimum of 50% and hallucinations develop in which one is surrounded by "bitch ass niggas." Speech is inhibited and condensed down to vulgar language, all of which is slurred to beyond comprehension.
"Yesterday I got so drunk I was just rolling around on the floor telling my roommate to fuck off."
"Dude, you were totally Olsoning."
by theLoneRanger March 13, 2015
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