Major League Gaming. Eat doritos, drink Mountain Dew. Stuff is good in MLG.
I crap i'm so freakin MLG bruh
by DefineTheModernWorld January 1, 2015
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A group of 8-12 year olds screaming about "Getting reked" and "360° Quickscopes" They also call you a hacker and tell you to 1v1 them if you kill them.
MLG Kid: "U wot m8? 1v1me faggot I'm MLG"
Online player: "Shut up already! You are probably an 8 year old. Just play the game."
by SiBorg February 7, 2015
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1. Acronym for Major-League-Gaming, a videogaming organization that hosts pro circuts in a variety of games from shooters to fighter games.

2. Adjactive- to describe somthing as cool (usually in a sarcastic manner)

3. Someone who participates in MLG is often labled as a professional gamer or MLG (somtimes being sarcastic). Some of the more popular professional games are sponsered by companies.
1. guy1 "Hey, are you going to the MLG event this week in dallas"

guy2 "Hell ya, Ive been practicing my Zerg rushes all week"


3. guy1 "wow whos that douche yelling over xbox live"

guy2 "Some mlg faggot"
by DatHydro April 27, 2011
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An organization in the United States for professional gamers. Is an acronym for "Major League Gaming." Many great gamers have been professionally signed by MLG. As of now, they mainly focus on Halo 2 tournaments. They also post 'official' gametypes for Halo, Halo 2, and other games, so the gametype is fair and perfect. For example, an MLG game for Halo 2 Team Slayer would be battle rifle spawn, human weapons on map (no sword for fairness), etc. Many believe MLG is a lame gametype, though others practice it often in hopes of getting good at it. By the way, if you'd like to be funny, next time someone wants to play MLG over Halo 2 over XBL, ask them, "What's MLG? Does it stand for My Little Gun?"
Those MLG bastards! They won't let me play in the upcoming tournament for my city this weekend.
by Host3ntropy June 20, 2005
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''make landing gentle" used when you're landing and use the water bucket in minecraft.
Dude i just landed using the MLG water bucket!
by Loveydovey13 November 2, 2020
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Major League Gamers. They are people who love Doritos and Mountain Dew they also enjoy quickscoping everyone and often exploit games. People often get pissed at them and rage. They are also pretty much an elite group of hackers or gamers who love doge and will also say illuminati confirmed!!!!!
I, myself am not an MLG Gamer but I'm pretty good.
by MaDawgTT February 11, 2015
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Acronym for Major League Gaming, contrary to what all you memers on 4chan and Reddit think- it does not revolve around trickshotting or quickscoping. Players do not drink Mountain Dew/eat Doritos every day nor do any of them smoke weed. Shrek is not a god and FaZe doesn't even have a good pro team. The pro COD players do not use the Intervention either. These stereotypes are good to use so you can pull out the newfags on the forum posts.

Billy: That's not how MLG actually is. :/
by Czncer June 9, 2015
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