YTP stands for Youtube Poop. Taking sources from franchises, videos, memes, photos, and music then mashing them together with a video-editing software (Vegas Pro).

Poopers, as they are called, can convert an episode of any show into something bizarre and difficult to follow. YTP is random humor, it depends on the Pooper and their agendas. Watching a few videos of a Pooper can get you a gist of their ideas. One person does this joke over and over again, this one creates a lot of loud sound effects, this other guy edits the same source constantly.
To make one thing absolutely clear: YTP is NOT porn. This is not just me talking, this is the entire YTP community. Though most YTP may contain some brief dirty jokes and questionable scenes, it's all for a comical purpose.
YTP brings talented poopers together to create hilarious videos to most and remarkable art to others.
by Definition Distributor February 7, 2019
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Short for YouTube Poop. A YouTube poop is a video that remixes videos and makes them funnier.
Ben: 'Did you see that awesome YTP on YouTube?'
Jim: 'No, I saw it on Metacafe'
by UpTehIrons June 10, 2010
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a YTP or ¨YouTube poop¨ was a funny and popular way to meme in the 2010´s . when it originated the most people would do is use snoop-dogs old song ¨smoke weed everyday¨ and use air horns. The golden age of YTP was during mid 2012 when MLG was introduced consisting of Doritos, weed, and mountain dew parodying what ¨gamers¨ usually ate back in the 2010s. after that YTPs changed consistantly throughout the years although nothing will ever reach the MLG level. YTPs started to die down in 2017 with ¨poopers¨ getting less and less views. eventually it died out but it had a good run. There are still many ¨poopers¨ in tact to day still making YTPs like yoshimaniac but they dont get much attention anymore and they have long hiatuses.
Hey i remember watching that YTP when i was 5!
by Milky Potato November 17, 2020
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A YTP is a short (and sometimes long)videos to entertain people
I’m gonna watch a YTP brb
by CEO of no June 21, 2020
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YTP means White People. It’s just a funny way to spell it.
Wooow there’s a lot of YTP in this school.
by Tokyojazmin August 5, 2019
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"What's YTP stand for?"
"It stands for YouTube Poop"
by Picklemerry September 9, 2008
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