A paint marker usually used by graffiti artists (taggers).
I use the black deco for my 3-d shading.
by Malery July 11, 2008
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root : decent

1). An abbreviation of the word "decent".
2). A term often used to descrive something or someone of mediocre quality.
3). A adjective used to desctibe an average woman.
She aint fine as hell, but she deco.
by winterthunda April 8, 2004
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something that is really cool and unique; someone who has done something cool or unique can be referred as "deco"
Yo bro, that tat is deco as hell. It musta cost you a grip though.
by bro-cuz September 14, 2009
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Short for Declan.
In Ireland its usually the letter 'O' anto johnodamo
Whats your name?
Haha is that top deco or bottom deco?
Fuck off you cunt.
by womoma April 16, 2005
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pronunciation: de - ko
short for decorative; fancy
man that’s shirt is deco!
by flemmaa May 11, 2019
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Short for decomposed, it's used as a racial slur towards zombies.
"Go back to your graveyard, Deco, we don't like your kind around here."
by Alex Pliskin May 29, 2007
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pronounced: dee-co
Meaning disgusting or nasty; awful in general
Did you try the mint tea?
Nah man, tastes like sewage, that shit's deco.
by The Batcomputer August 11, 2017
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