1. A terrorist group.
2. A beautiful name of a goddess.
3. Also used as a persons name.
"Did you hear about Isis?"
"The terrorist group?"
"No! Isis! The girl in our school!"
by qxeen03 April 06, 2016
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A beautiful, young talented girl that will dream of the big things and reach her goals. Isis is a beautiful Egyptian goddess, Isis is loyal, caring, smart, has a beautiful body. And will have the courage to help others even if not needed. ISIS is short, wild among her friends, very thick, and trustful. Isis's are mostly the best to be in a relationship with. She's very respectful and a jealous type. Isis's on the ones to not care about what people say if she wants to do something she'll do it. An Isis is always the one to pursue her dreams.
Isis, (known as a goddess) is very trust worthy and wild
by Levi ronald william August 07, 2017
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A beautiful loving and passionate woman. Is always there when you need her, isn't the type to love and be let down. She has a way about her that every woman wants. She won't love hard but one time, some men are lucky enough to have a woman as wonderful as she is.
I love my Isis.
by Love you ❤️ December 27, 2015
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A girl who isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She will let you know when you are wrong. She is a GODDESS!!!! She will shut down any guy if he starts with some BULLSHIT. She is loving kind of girl and is mostly attracted to dark skin guys. Oh yeah again she's a GODDESS
Damn that girl isis got it going on, I wanna be more like her.
by Stasia Curry April 11, 2017
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The first of 5 metal puzzles offered by Sonicwarp. Each comes with a set of crypted clues to help you open the puzzle. each puzzle contains a key which will allow you to open any one of the Golden Pyramids, earning you a coin worth upto $500.
Guy: This Rubiks cube is impossible.

Chic: Those are easy, try the Isis puzzle ball. Only 5% of the people can open it.
by SoCalSteve January 26, 2009
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Isis is the realist female your find as a friend . They’re isn’t a female that’s better than her . She’s so beautiful and amazing. And she won’t let a bitch drop her.
Isis is a bad bitch
by lul baybee October 04, 2018
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This is a girl with many talents! Isis is a pretty and funny friend. If you meet a girl named Isis.....try to be her friend. She will always have your back.

Letting Isis go won’t be a good thing for you. She is loyal and just the legit best! Don’t get on her bad side! She can fight and won’t let anyone hurt you. Isis is normally tall for her age and is always in good shape. People may mistake for a rude person but if you get to know her you will LOVE her!
Isis is funny
by dragon_girl101 February 21, 2019
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