A faction of Cybertronians who are in an ongoing war against the Autobots. They're led by Megatron and are usually portrayed as antagonists.
The city has been completely wiped out by the Decepticons and now I'm homeless.
by That Robot Fucker January 11, 2019
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Lead by the power hungry almighty Lord Megatron, Decepticons are a faction in the Cybertronian war and they believe that conquest is the only way to prove that cybertronians are the most powerful beings. But mostly Megatron only wants to be the only leader.
Sentinel Prime: “Decepticons ships, fire on Optimus!”
Megatron: “Decepticons!”
Soundwave: “Decepticons, mobilise
by Mightshutdown March 14, 2020
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Who Frankie Palmeri is referring to when he performs the song "Sound Wave Superior" live.
"This song goes out to all my Decepticons out there..."

Kurt and Aaron:
by <34567 January 3, 2011
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The opposite of a Nerdfighter. A Decepticon is someone that is made of suck: A typical popular person.
Paris Hilton, Cheerleaders, Typical jocks, Male chauvinist pigs, Sluts, etc

Jack: Hey! Let's go decrease WorldSuck!
Harry: Okay! We can donate to Kiva dot org!
Colton: Whatever, you guys, let the third world countries take care of themselves. Sharon's hot, isn't she? I'd tap that.
Jack: Colton, you are such a Decepticon.
Harry: In my pants.
by Annie Mouse January 20, 2008
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1. A girl who dresses well and takes photo shopped pictures so she is preceived better looking the she actually is. In most cases this female is not attractive at all.
Bro, bitch was a total decepticon!
by DeanMachine84 March 25, 2013
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The decepticons were military hardware built by the quintessons. Being programmed for war they typically fight to secure the land and wipe out the enemy. Sold to the highest bidder alien races bought them and used them as soldiers to win wars. They were also used by the quintessons as soldiers to watch over cybertron and protect the quintesson rulers. Alongside the quintesson guardian robots. The counter part to the decepticons were the peaceful autobots who were built to be workers. The autobots were consumer goods products for the quintessons. When transforners started gaining sentience, and started developing emotions, they started realizing they were slaves. An autobot named A3 who would later be known as Aloha Trion rose up as an autobot resistance leader. The Autobots and Decepticons united and overthrew their quintesson slave masters who had become abusive, petty and indifferent to the emotional needs of their slaves. The autobots established a democratic society. Unfourtunately being built and programmed for war this did not suit the Decepticons. Under the autobot rule they would become workers or just non violent peacekeepers. This contradicted the decepticons programmed instincts and their culture. In time the Decepticobs came to view the autobots as oppressors. If A3 could turn the Autobot slave brand into a symbol of freedom. The Decepticons would turn the decepticon badge into a symbol that represents that they are the rulers and will never be slaves again.
Those decepticons try to wipe us out and oppress us. But yet they think that living peacefully amongst us is a form of slavery or oppression. A decepticon only understands kill and take.
by Carjackercracker June 21, 2014
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An individual (specifically a male) or transgender woman who has undergo surgery and/or medical treatment to appear more feminine or female-looking.
Oh she’s a decepticon: that man is all over her but had no idea that that’s a man!
by mkckjclub January 30, 2023
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