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1. n. A musical instrument; a small flute.
2. An anti-hero in the dragonball series. He starts off as a bad guy, with evil ambitions to rule the world, however after he kills Goku along with Raditz, and after he trains Gohan, he starts to become one of the good guys.
I play the Piccolo
Kami: Piccolo is my evil counter-part.
by kyle.biddle January 5, 2011
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An alternate spelling of Frieza, one of the main villains in the dragonball series. Both spellings are valid and can be used interchangeably, much like Kakarot.

He is defeated once by the recently super saiyan Goku, and is killed by Trunks at the beginning of the android saga, after being restored and now mostly machine, his father, King Cold is also killed in the same episode.
Freeza was the most powerful being in the universe, until Goku came along and handed his ass to him after transforming into a super saiyan.
by kyle.biddle January 5, 2011
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The representation of anything by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character.
The twilight movies have quite a bit of pro-abstinence symbolism.
by kyle.biddle January 5, 2011
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And IP Address that does not change. Static IPs are given by certain ISPs, some of them offer both static, and dynamic ips.
My connection has a static IP address, therefor, it does not change when I reboot my modem.
by kyle.biddle January 21, 2011
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A scientist that works for the Red Ribbon Army. He created Android 16 for the sole purpose of destroying Goku, Android 17 and Android 18 for making Cell perfect, and Android 20 (himself) to make himself immortal. He also creates android 19 to serve him, as he is easier to control than the others. He also created Hell Fighter 17, and subsequently Super Android 17. He is ultimately killed by his creations after threatening to use the emergency suspension controller on 17 and 18. His ultimate achievement is Cell, and it was implied that his original reason for being created was to destroy the entire universe, which he could have done if things had not played out the way the did in the series. He could simply blow himself up every time someone stronger than him appears.

While in his android form, he refers to himself in the third person as to conceal his true identity. Is name is pronounced "Doctor Jero".
Dr. Gero: I cleared the area of innocents, in accordance with your wishes. Do you disagree with my methods?
by kyle.biddle January 12, 2011
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Amount after all deductions (such as taxes). See also gross.
I netted $1482.98 this month.
by kyle.biddle November 16, 2010
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German for 'also'. Can also be used in English as a scoff, "Auch, that's nonsense" or as an expletive "Auch, fuck this", or just auch by itself, which holds the same meaning as fuck or shit or argh.
Ich mag auch Pfannkuchen. (German meaning "I also like pancakes")

Auch, fuck this bollocks

Auch, I lost my keys again!
by kyle.biddle November 16, 2010
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