An amount of alcoholic drinks that is usually more than 5. Often higher than 10. But never less than 3.
“Would you like to come over tonight, I have beer?”
“Yes, but I can only have one drink, I have to work in the morning”
*next morning*
“What happened last night? I woke up on my bathroom floor with no clothes on, my kitchen looks like a war zone and my front door was open and my dog is gone”
by Jenrox April 10, 2018
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In a bar, to request an item... only to re-request a change, or cancel it all together and order another item when the bartender comes huffing and puffing with the original order.
In Sesame Street, there's a fularious one-drinking 'Muppisode' when my favorite character, Grover comes like effteen times with a new order in a resturant and ends up on the floor!
by hammer---;, hytham May 19, 2007
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When you have only one drink and it makes you super tired so you have to continue drinking or else you'll fall asleep.
Smith: "What's wrong with you? You look exhausted?"

Lisa: "Ugh one drink syndrome!"

Smith: "Better start drinking more"
by JsnLvr May 11, 2010
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Someone who has had one drink of an alcoholic beverage and becomes drunk after finishing it
Dang! That person is a one drink drunk type of person!
by ONEDRINKDRUNK July 5, 2016
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Damn worth it always!!! Made popular by Ludacris.
It was Friday night and I was feelin' aight (Yep)
Downtown Atlanta, big city, bright lights,
Mixin' Henney wit da Sprite while I'm drinkin' and drivin',
No police lights, no police sirens,
I'm headed to da club, lookin' fo' a freak,
To spread a lil' love and spread a couple cheeks,
Pull up to da spot, 26's like bam!
Eyes on me like "Bitch, do you see him?"
Stroll through the front door, headed to the VIP,
Bought a couple bottles and I took a couple sips,
Scopin' out da room and what do I see?
A nice round butt and a pair of double D's,
So I crept up like "Shawty, what's happen'n?
You kilin' dat dress and I love it wit' a passion,"
Den she turned around and her face was aight,
She had a gap tooth and mean overbite,
But I was like hmm...

If I take one more drink,
I'm gon' end up f***in' you,
Is that watchu wanna do, shawty?
If I take one more drink,
I'm gon' end up f***in' you,
You too.

Woke up da next mornin' and all I can remember,
Was takin' shots and tippin' da bartender,
Surrender to da woman, end up bringin' me home,
Cause' she started lookin' better every shot of Patron (Yep)
I jumped up wit a devilish grin,
Cause' tonight damn right! I might do it again!
So I called up da homies (What up?)
Let's ride, we can hit the sportsbar,
Over on the South side,
Get a couple of Coronas, couple of limes,
Went up to da bar, saw a couple of dimes,
So I, slowly walked up an said "Hi,"
My name is Ludacris and I'mma hell of a guy,
One said "I know who you are, I'm your #1 fan,
And right now it's too bad I got a man,"
And I said "I understand, but where da hell is he at?
Cuz, in a minute if he don't show up then maaaaan....."

If I take one more drink,
I'm gon' end up f***in' you,
Is that watchu wanna do, shawty?
If I take one more drink,
I'm gon' end up f***in' you,
You too.

Uh huh,
Ay Pain, holla at em right quick man!

You gon' get in trouble wit yo' man, girl,
(Don't get in trouble, girl)
Talkin 'bout how you're my biggest fan, girl,
(I know it, I know it)
Now I don't wanna do,
What you gon' make me do,
(Don't make me do it, don't make me do it!)
But... if I have one more drink...

One more drink I'mma get cha,
Home, then I'll split cha,
Grab the camera phone,
And take a buncha drunk pictures,
Cause' Hennessy mixed wit a whole bunch of Buddha,
Equals you mixed wit a whole bunch of Luda,
And you know how far one drink could go,
Start slurrin' my speech, slowin' up da FLOOW,
Hikin' up yo' skirt, climbin' up yo' shirt,
It's Mr. Late Night Luda and I like to flirt,
So guess what babygurl?

If I take one more drink,
I'm gon' end up f***in' you,
(Just one mo')
Is that watchu wanna do, shawty?
(That's all it's gonna take)
If I take one more drink,
I'm gon' end up f***in' you,
(Haha, who else T-Pain?)
You too.


You hear what I'm sayin'?
People too picky these days, dammit!
Too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny,
Have a couple of drinks and quit discriminating,
This is been a Luda Service Announcement...

by T-Pain's biggest fan!!! January 18, 2009
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For ages 14 and up.

Needs to be atleast 3 players, beer and a pen.

The object is to be the first player to finish your beer. Players who fail to finish their respective beers must engage in a chug-off. The slowest player is disqualified from the next round.

In each round the player with the pen chooses a number between 1 (One) and 10 (Ten). The player writes the number on their hand and passes the pen to the left. The player recieving the pen then guesses the number on the players hand along with the remaining players.

Each player gets one attempt to guess the number.

A community beer is placed in the middle of the table to serve as a thirst quencher. THE COMMUNITY BEER MUST BE GONE BEFORE SOMEONE CAN WIN. If a person finishes before the beer is gone the winner then adopts the community beer and continues to play.


If you guess the number you get to drink for ten seconds.

If you guess one number away you get to drink for 5 seconds.

The players not drinking will all count to the specified number (5 or 10).

If no one guesses right on or either one away the closest guesser gets a gulp of beer.


CHEATING will allow the non cheaters to each have a gulp of their beer.

If you spill your beer you loose.

Everyone must count and finish together.

Once you finish your beer you must yell finished.

If your beer foams up the non foamers all get one gulp.
One in Ten drinking game should be played whenever possible. Be it a hard day or just boredom, there is no excuse not to play.
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one of the most underrated songs of all time - Cher Lloyds single 'One Drink Away'
oh yea have you heard Cher Lloyds song 'One Drink Away'?
by Cher Lloyd stan January 5, 2021
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