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In relation to the month of Decembeard, and in preperation for the month of Manuary is when Decembeer occurs. For every day of the month of Decembeer, you must consume the number of beers that coincide with the day it is. Is used for the intense physical training of "partying hard", the army, olympics, and/or the phenomena of "2012". On the 24th of Decembeer, you must participate in a case race with other participants of Decembeer. On the 25th day to the 30th, you must rest for the big event of New Beers Eve and Manuary.
Andrew: "Hey Iain, what are you doing tonight?"

Iain: "Well Andrew, its Decembeer 12th, I am consuming 12 beers."

Emily: "Im feeling fat, and sassy."
by Secret Spy Club December 15, 2010
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