The month of January, whereby men partake in a month long celebration of masculinity with activities enshrining masculinity: Unadulterated violence, booze, meat, and chivalry.
The growing of Facial hair in a full out bearded style, to represent the rejection of aesthetics.

The consumption of meat and/or beer (bonus points for both) with/as every meal.

The masculine duty of protecting women in need.

Partaking/instigating fist fights with those who are deemed combat able. Combatants include: Douche bags, consenting MEN, and Douche bags. No hair pulling, biting, or other feminine behaviours are acceptable.

Other masculine behaviour. All acts must be witnessed by fellow MEN partaking in MANUARY.

Girl: "Why did you get in a fist fight with that greasy guy grinding on every girl in sight?"
MAN: "Because he was a douche and it's MANUARY"

Girl: "Why don't you have some salad?"

boy: "By golly! She looks like she'd be easy, and she has cute friends!"
MAN: *Left Hook* "It's MANUARY. Hello ladies, how is your evening?"
by The one and only Prole November 2, 2009
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MAN-uary. Term for the month of January which celebrates the bygone art of man-hunting. Single women partake in a variety of jovial antics aimed at seducing the opposite sex.

The mascot for Manuary is the Mantis.

It should be noted that Manuary is dually followed by Femuary, in which the same hunting practices are made upon soley the female gender.
To start the year off right, my girls and I are on the prowl all Manuary long!
by Hooker Arm December 27, 2010
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During the month of January, men who grow out their facial hair. Exact reasons for this are unknown, yet theories have arose as it being in response to the high stress nature of the holiday season, thereby men resorting to mantastic facial hair to compensate for seeing their in-laws.
"Hank, looking good with the beard." "It's Manuary buddy, act accordingly."
by yourdutchgoober March 28, 2007
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During the month of January, a select group of individuals on social media outlets celebrate men's body positivity as part of the feminist movement. This controversial month is disliked by some feminists who prefer feminism to be for women, but is adored by others. A current issue, manuary is going to continue.
Hey, I heard it's Manuary; it's great that men can be positive about their bodies, too!
by invilite January 4, 2017
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31 days of shaving everything off of your face except a disgusting mustache. Similar to "No-Shave November" and "Decembeard"
Dan's looking a bit like a pedophile lately, isn't he?

Yeah. I guess he took Mustache Manuary a little far this year.
by Ckleeb December 13, 2009
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