(verb) to produce something extraordinary in a short period of time; or
(verb) to procrastinate up to the last minute, beat the deadline by a hairline and yet not appear rushed or flustered; or
(adjective) a wonderful boyfriend and a super dad.
The deadline is in 2 hours, so imma evert this paper.

He's so evert! He finds time to play with his son despite his busy schedule.
by girlbackpacker September 5, 2012
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A swaggy motherfucker who likes to smoke weed and fuck bitches
Evert is a stoner
by f4cts123 February 7, 2015
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A meme king that likes fish and likes minecraft and ducks and kak
Me and Evie boi (Evert) gonna play sum minecraft
by Fishguy1 September 16, 2019
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crapping in public / passing solids in the street
Lads go without me i need Evert - drop off the kids at the park
by westside1234 February 17, 2009
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Evert, mostly used for a person who likes to draw big Chungus in a chemistry class.
Jake: Have you seen that Evert?
John: Ye, his big chungus is beautifull!
by Plumpie21 June 4, 2019
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usually a man with big heart. Evert is a man of many great emotions.
"he is being such an evert. He tells me all of his feelings directly and i don't need to guess anything"
by dennycrane December 2, 2011
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A small or petite man, usually homosexual, who would like to think that they are the center of attention and the star. These people usually wind up becoming hobos.
evert ezel siam, humberto, ugly youtuber
by thejak November 11, 2009
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