From the verb "To give someone a deceased". This is where you insult someone by shouting the name of one of their dead relatives - a very harsh insult used only when extremely provoked.
Uses of deceased (noun):

Scott: Seriously Tom was bugging the shit out of me last night
Andy: What did you do?
Scott: I gave the fucker a deceased

Tom: Scott you are such a lanky prick
Scott: Shut the fuck up SUE!
Andy: Oooh! You just got given a deceased!
by matrixbadger February 16, 2009
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A man endeavoring to be virtus, who takes a solemn vow to retire his jedi-esque ability to befuddle the minds of Young Impressionable women.

A Deviant Gentleman no longer interested in a Barton.
The Deviant Gentleman has reformed and is no longer using his powers of magical mind control to cause the pretty young lady to perform sexual favors. He is a Deceased Deviant.
by Bret Michaels January 01, 2008
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1. An erectial difficulty
2. Those women who are sexually unappealing
Maaaaan, Renee Zelwegger sure is a deceased boner!
by garrett kearney June 11, 2005
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a term that wannabe hipsters use when they are trying to be original and don't want to say "I'm dead" like everyone else.
*at school*

person: im dead. i got three hours of sleep last night and have five tests today.

wannabe hipster: im deceased

*on the internet*

person: whoah hes so hot it kills me

wannabe hipster: im d e c e a s e d
by a woodchuck named norris October 28, 2016
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up coming british deathmetalers,extremely heavy,great live show and great musicians
have you heard that amazing band days of the deceased?
by carrionflesh March 18, 2009
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a fuckin sick nasty band from 44th street north caroline who like to play real good stuff
"have you heard of Jane Wakes The Deceased?"
"oh, they play real good stuff"
by azazazazaz March 04, 2009
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The woke term for zombie, as zombies has been a victim of cancel culture because it was British get now.. ok so use it. Piss off boomers. It's a good zoom laugh.
So the boomers at the office

are mobile deceased..

They're zombies get it - mobile deceased.

That can't be one of yours that's too good.

I know, I saw Shaun of the Dead

You do come up with a lot of good ones
My favorite is..
by Siouxsie Supertramp August 14, 2021
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