Something funny, hilarous or something unpleasant. If you find something extremelly good and it's making you happy, it can have you deceased. If you find something extremelly unpleasant, bad and ghastly, it can have you deceased.
1: Omg dude, this cheeseburguer is amazing, i'm deceased
2: Oh no fuck, i think this egg is rotten, i'm decesead!
by skinsosoftt April 05, 2019
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The woke term for zombie, as zombies has been a victim of cancel culture because it was British get now.. ok so use it. Piss off boomers. It's a good zoom laugh.
So the boomers at the office

are mobile deceased..

They're zombies get it - mobile deceased.

That can't be one of yours that's too good.

I know, I saw Shaun of the Dead

You do come up with a lot of good ones
My favorite is..
by Siouxsie Supertramp August 14, 2021
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