1) The word you use when you find something hilarious.
2) Not physically alive.
Example 1:
*Person saying something funny*
Other person: Dead

Example 2:
Someone that isn't living anymore.
by fhk x3 May 12, 2017
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Dude 1: Yo why isn't Frank talking to me anymore. It's been 10 years.
Dude 2: Frank's been dead for 10 years. You killed him.
Dude 1: That explains why I'm in this jail cell.
by Riley Freemen June 18, 2014
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frontman of norwegian black metal band Mayhem.
committed suicide at the age of 22.
the real soul of Mayhem.
Mayhem without Dead are not the real Mayhem.
probably the best blackster ever.
his name will never die, as his spirit does.
never forget his death, that changed black metal scene more than Euronymous' death did.
in memory of a legend.
Dead is simply a legend.
nothing else to say.
by countess_Grishnackh August 21, 2009
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1) When a party or club is not fun or no longer is fun to be at anymore.
2) What happens when Daddy catches you on top of his "Little Girl"
...What the hell is up with these other definitions? We know what the normal term DEAD means, morons! This is urbandictionary.com not WEBSTER's DICTIONARY!!!
by Joshiro007 February 24, 2003
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Per Yngve Ohlin a.k.a Dead was a swedish black/death metal musician who was obsessed with death. He shot himself on April 8, 1991. He was 21 years old. He is still one of the best musicians to walk this earth because he popularized corpsepaint, he wrote great music, his live performances were amazing and brutal; he had a great and a unique personality, he didn't care about being popular, he was real with his musicianship.
Dead played a big part in the making of the Mayhem's album "de mysteriis dom sathanas", which is arguably one of the best black metal albums ever.
by PerYngveOhlin August 9, 2020
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ADJ. Slang term meaning "Extremely" Or "Very."
Commonly Used as an alternative to the slang word "Mad"
Guy1: "Yo, do you understand that Physics homework?"
Guy2: "Na man, that shits Dead Hard!"
by ApocalypseZero May 31, 2009
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Is like saying LOL, or LMAO or Your Killing Me
John: Knock Knock
Peter: Who's there?
John: Boinga
Peter: Boinga Who?
John: Boinga My Toinga!!!

by Cautian July 6, 2009
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