Smart kid who’s Asian. Can be guy or girl.
Gets full marks without trying yet complains about school.
Procrastinates a lot, but somehow is really cool. Has a good friend group.
Person 1: who’s that Asian kid?
Person 2: oh that’s Wen - she’s really smart!
by Famalam69 March 27, 2020
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Glorious manly man born from the ashes of 10,000 dragons. He is a college student but is a Magic master, professional MMA fighter, and kitten rescuer in his spare time.
Wen has no parents since he was born from the ashes of 10,000 dragons.
by momma moo August 11, 2010
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A term used to describe a type of Malaysian made kimchi. A type of spicy cabbage. It is very lacking in taste but makes up for it in the fake packaging.
"mmmm, that was some nice chewy Wen" - Jack
"It sure tasted looked the real thing" - Brad
"Nah, the real thing has far more personality and self esteem" - Jack
by cockblockersupermanyo March 21, 2010
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a wen/wenny is a girl from the school wenona who is acting as she stereotypically would. she is trying hard, acting like a grom and thinking she is top shit. wens are super annoying.
oh my god you’re acting like such a wen.

stop being a wenny!
by phannysthiffer April 13, 2019
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bick dick boy, will fuck any girl and is every girls dream crush
holy shit wen is hot asf i wanna suck his dick
by aiden tiktok maker June 15, 2020
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When something is really cool, pimp, awsome, etc.
I are teh mad wEn!
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
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1) pathetic asian boy who can't get an A in Cordero's class
2) likes Michelle Lee but will never realize his dream
3) see nub
4) see gay
\/\/ 3 /\/ 1 5 /\/ u B
by Derek Lu May 3, 2005
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