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Shortened form of "decent".
Joe: How did you like that movie?
John: It was dece
by Aero May 09, 2004

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The term one uses to refer to almost-finalized source code. It compiles and runs without any complaints, and only needs to be tested for minor logic errors. The transition from master beta to golden code should only take a few minutes of half-hearted debugging, but invariably requires an all-nighter to work out the most prominent segfaults.
Student 1: Hey man, have you finished your part of the project yet?
Student 2: I've got the master beta saved in my home directory.
Student 1: Cool beans. Let's debug it after class.
Student 2: You're bringing the soda this time.
by aero March 14, 2003

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The cause of any unexpected and undesired outcome. Usually attributable to a fundamental lack of understanding of the underlying situation. Most logic errors are minor logic errors.
If I jam a fork into this electrical outlet, money will come out.
by aero March 14, 2003

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a place where, for the most part, you don't have to put up with obnoxious whining from people who can't accept that they're not the best. only those who act ridiculously stupid or complain too much aren't tolerated there, as opposed to other sites where you get banned for having an opinion. if some of the whiners can't accept that, tough luck. shut up and take it like the rest of the real world.
where? it was named after something on the outboards.
by aero February 24, 2004

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Synonym for for sheezy my neezy.
Instructor: Shmoke and a pancake?
CS Student after an all-nighter: Fo' sheezy, y'all!
by aero March 14, 2003

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A logic error that appears to be catastrophic, but is very easy to correct.
#include <iostream.h>
void main()
int num;
cout<<"Do NOT enter the number 1:";
cout<<"You idiot! I said NOT to enter the number 1!\n";
cout<<"Good job!\n";
by aero March 14, 2003

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Someone who is always working behind the scenes to help everyone else, but is always trod upon for the effort.
Anonymous Caller: I hate myself and want to die!

Aero: There is more to life than wanting to die; seek the answer from within.

Anonymous Caller: Suddenly, I have a reason to live.

Aero: What reason is that?

Anonymous Caller: F*** you, I don't need your help anymore!
Aero: Thank you for calling.
by aero March 15, 2003

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