"An upper-class woman making her first appearance into fashionable society". It's a full-time job for a debutante to convince her parents she's as pure as royalty and chaste as a saint. In reality, everyone knows all the debs do is get fabulously drunk after!
"You walked up 5 flights of stairs in heels?!"
Duh! I'm a debutante
by NotAllHeroesWearCapes February 8, 2019
Bougie ho: I'll have you know, my mother is a debutante, but you probably don't even know what that is
by Huihvfyj February 24, 2015
A polite way of describing an attractive, possible freaky, young broad.
How bout those debutantes. You think they're out of high school?
by The Frugie December 23, 2004
A home girl with home-training preparing to slay culture, class, charity and academia.
She is a modern debutante seeking to expand what it means to be a young woman in 2016.
by KRockSupreme May 13, 2016
A professional high-heel wearer.
"OMG, did those girls just climb 3 flights of stairs?!"
"Yep, they're definitley Debutantes"
by karmagirl314 March 17, 2009
Lazy Trailer Trash with inherited money as opposed to good people who working their hardest to support a family are economically reduced to living in a trailer house.
"I'm a three-time debutante, ergo I am very comfortable in an evening gown. As for blue jeans, I used to have 17 Arabian horses and can muck out stalls with the best of them. I don't give a shit what other women write." (in their Match profile)
by ROBERT J. LANIER January 14, 2008
glorified, formal name for any trailer trash hussy, skanky crack whore or downwardly mobile street prostitute who feigns class, taste and style despite appearances to the contrary.
Courtney Love, if she wasn't a talented musician, singer, and songwriter, could be construed as a downmarket debutante.
by Virgin Suicides June 27, 2017