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49 definitions by Virgin Suicides

stupid, sophomoric, reflexive response used by countless dull witted boobs who, in their many years on this planet, have yet to increase their vocabularies much less their minds (or hearts).
Me : Awwwww ... Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was found dead yesterday. Mannnnn ... (sorrow)
Dipshit Standing Next To Me : huh, that's gay

Me : WHA ? WTF - are you still in high school or somethin' ? That's your response ?

Dispshit Standing Next To Me : Eat Me
Me : No - up yours, fucktard. Guess YOU won't be getting a genius grant from the MacArthur fellowship anytime soon.
by Virgin Suicides May 20, 2017
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what often happens to men who workout with barbells, dumbbells, free weights, nautilus, et al over long periods of time. The testosterone enzyme increases with the added muscle mass they develop, but so do their estrogen levels to keep a proper balance, such that they develop breasts (and buttocks) akin to females who produce this enzyme naturally.
Tina : I would date Bruce, but he has such noticeable man boobs from all those years of working out. And now they sag somewhat - gross !
Me : sez you ! You're as old as he is, and your boobs are beginning to sag, too.
Tina : yes, but mine are natural - and I wear a bra.

Me : well, buy him a bra, too and when you both are having sex, just make sure he wears it .
by Virgin Suicides May 12, 2017
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The worst kept secret in American entertainment - be it film, stage or television : be a woman, be an actor and turn 40 years old, and your career is effectively over. You're done.
The American actress Hilary Swank a few years back played the lead in a film called 'Amelia', a biopic about Amelia Earhart. Earhart, for those of you who may not recall, was a famous early 20th century American female aviator who, at the age of 40, mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again. Ever. Which, when you think about it, is right up Hollywood's alley because if you're an actress and you're in Tinseltown and you turn 40, you disappear, too. Never seen again. Never. Ever. The mysteriously vanishing 40-year old actress.
by Virgin Suicides November 6, 2017
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most celebrity athletes, entertainers, personalities, politicians who achieved the bulk of their success the other side of the millennium (i.e., the 20th Century).
Think about it. How many late 20th Century celebrities are still in the public eye today ? Not many, right ? The somebodies of yesterday are the nobodies of today ...
by Virgin Suicides September 27, 2017
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the clinic for plastic surgeons specializing in breast enhancement procedures.
Gina : say Carla, I'm feeling a bit flat in the chest area, let's go to the tit shop and buy us some boobs !
Carla: Great ! I hear they're having a special this month, too ' buy two boobs, get a third free'. Guess that's just in case one deflates or falls off or something.

Gina : Awesome !
by Virgin Suicides April 23, 2017
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similar to fake it 'til you make it; the art of brown nosing, ass kissing, cozying up to and plain out and out sycophanting some one or some group until you score that desired prize, achieve that goal, realize that golden dream.
I so badly wanted to attend Harvard University that I got the Ivy League Directory, looked up Harvard grads living in my area, called several of them up, sweet talked my way into the life of the one most easily flattered by my egregious flattery, wined and dined him, ran all sorts of errands, and became, in effect, his kept boy. Upon his connections and letter of recommendation, I gained admission - whereupon I dropped his ass and never saw him again. Suck it 'til you fuck it !
by Virgin Suicides July 16, 2017
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