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any individual, family, group, or other association of persons who has lost economic, financial, political and social status either suddenly or over a longer period of time.
1. The Winchesters were once the most prominent family in town. But due to bad luck, poor judgement, financial catastrophe and inheritance taxes, they are now, like most everyone else, nobodies. They have become downwardly mobile.
2. The Big Three automobile manufacturers (Chrysler, Ford, General Motors) of Detroit, MI were once the titans of American industry back in the mid-twentieth century. But newer technologies (the internet, the computer laptop, the iPhone, et al), newer regions (Silicon Valley, Wall Street, SunBelt, et al) and other economic, political and social changes have rendered them to the proverbial back-of-the-bus. The Big Three - and Detroit, MI - have become downwardly mobile.
by Virgin Suicides June 27, 2017
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simply put, when capitalism gets MEAN.
Untold numbers of african-american communities have been decimated by government-ordered imprisonment of their largely male populations; low wage McDonald's and Walmart service jobs have been touted as reputable career options for some time now; the national economy is officially at full capacity despite millions of current unemployed and underemployed workers; the president says he openly admires the Russian prime minister and the way he manages its' kleptocratic economic and political systems; the 1% vs. the 99%. This is fascism.
by Virgin Suicides April 22, 2017
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1. Acronym for the National Invitation Tournament, a men's college basketball tournament held in New York City's Madison Square Garden every March at season's end.
2. As it is considered secondary to the more prestigious NCAA men's tourney, it is often thought of as the championship for 73rd place, as the NCAA selects the top 72 college teams in the country, leaving the NIT to choose from the next best 32 teams.
3. What most average American Joes are actually living to achieve in their rather ordinary, mundane lives, whether consciously aware of it or not.
Gus : y'know Zach, when you really get down to it, most of us muckety-mucks are struggling every day just to get that NIT bid of life.
Zach : what ? Y'mean we're all out here battling for a spot between 73rd and 105th place ?

Gus : Yep.
Zach : you could be right, partner.
by Virgin Suicides May 21, 2017
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abbreviation for bullshit per square inch. The United States usually outpaces the world in this category, especially so since Donald Trump discovered Twitter.
Message recently seen on t-shirt : Welcome To America. More bspsi Than Even North Korea. Just Wait - We're About To Start A War Over It.
by Virgin Suicides November 30, 2017
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redneck, trailer trash paradise south of the Ohio, north of the Cumberland, east of the Mississippi and west of the Smokey Mountains.
In the hollers they saaang : well a yo ho-ho to mah ole' klantucky home, pass me the 'shine pappy I'ze 'bout to git out and fuck me some sheep, heh, heh, heh ...
by Virgin Suicides April 20, 2017
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akin to drug bust; the act (often violent) of removing offending acne (or zits) from bodily surface either autonomously or by third party.
Dude 1 : Hey man, you got some mean looking' acne all over your back ! Why don'tcha do a zit bust or somethin' ?
Dude 2 : Good idea. Since I can't reach most of them myself, do you wan't to pop them for me ?

Dude 1: Me, bust your zits for you ? Man, that's muthafuckin' gross !!! Just call the zit police !
Dude 2 : The zit cops ? I was thinking about maybe attending a zit popper's convention and having someone there do it for free, as a demonstration.
Dude 1 : Nah, take too long. Just call the fuckin' zit police. They'll remove them muthafuckers fast !
by Virgin Suicides June 14, 2017
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derisive term used to describe any grouping of dweebs, geeks, nerds, et al who are about to collectively engage in an activity that will only bring further embarrassment, humiliation and shame upon all of them. 'Boat' is akin to the Titanic, sailing somewhat naively along, oblivious of the impending disaster about to unfold.
Friend : Hey, wouldja look at all the geeks lined up outside the Palladium for the Taylor Swift concert ?
Me: Good Gawd, don't they know there IS no Taylor Swift concert tonight ? That was just a bunch of wise-asses from school who put up phony posters all over town to see what dips would be dumb enough to show up !
Friend : Hey, you're right, and the door they're lined up at isn't the entrance, either. It's a makeshift corridor to the construction workers porta-john on the other side !! LOL

Me : LOL What a bunch of dopey schmucks !!
Friend : What a geek boat !!
by Virgin Suicides October 18, 2017
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