49 definitions by Virgin Suicides

abbreviation for bullshit per square inch. The United States usually outpaces the world in this category, especially so since Donald Trump discovered Twitter.
Message recently seen on t-shirt : Welcome To America. More bspsi Than Even North Korea. Just Wait - We're About To Start A War Over It.
by Virgin Suicides November 29, 2017
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Any personal action or expression that reveals, often in an unintentionally embarrassing and revelatory way, the emotional, intellectual or physical immaturity of said person.
The U.S. Baby Boomer population has, for most of it's existence on this continent, exhibited nothing but age inappropriate behavior.

Kelly Ripa dresses and acts like a 49 year old 17 year old. She is the very definition of age inappropriate. I think her daughter gave birth to her, actually. Probably in charge of her allowance, too.

Kevin James, Adam Sandler, et al have made whole careers out of age inappropriate behavior. Perhaps they simply can't do any better, boymen that they seem to be.

Forever 21 caters to nothing BUT aging former hotties who possess a deep seated fear of looking like Yasmin Bleeth in all her post - Baywatch glory. Forever 21 is an intentional age inappropriate merchant.

Calling older women cougars or older men leopards is simply excusing age inappropriate dating and sexual behavior. Grow up, why don'tcha !!!

Best age inappropriate line : if the girls you date get any younger, you'll soon be dating sperm.

75 year old man recently seen rocking out at a Katy Perry concert . And no, it wasn't Mick Jagger. Bet he has all her posters up on his wall, too, as well as ring tones, Facebook, Twitter, the works. Age - fucking - inappropriate !!!

Republican presidential nominees for 2016. Age Inappropriate, mostly. Where WERE all the adults ?
by Virgin Suicides April 19, 2017
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There I was ... all slobbed out : sitting on my fat ass, drinking beer, blasting huge farts and watching scantily clad women walk by with all of their huge, pendulous cleavage hanging out. And I thought 'is this Iowa ?' (Field Of Dreams Homage). No, it's heaven. Guy's heaven.
by Virgin Suicides October 27, 2017
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a synonym for half-assed, half baked, et al. Usually used to render scorn on a famous person/celebrity who, for all their glitter, charisma and talent really puts forth a miserable effort in said situation.
Ben Affleck's cinematic efforts of late have been generally of the half jacked-off variety.
by Virgin Suicides June 16, 2017
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age-old bit of classic school boy doggerel sung to the tune of The Beatles 'Hey Jude'.
Hey Dude, I saw you nude
don't try and fake it,
I saw you naked.
The moment that you went out streaking,
I was at my window -
- peeking.
by Virgin Suicides October 06, 2017
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the art of lighting your cigarette or joint by ignited fart gas instead of regular lighter or match.
Butthead : say Beav, I'm bored - let's do a circle jerk.
Beavis : Nah, we did that last night.
Butthead : Okay, than let's do a fart spliff.
Beavis : Alright - I've got a doobie and a lighter and since you just ate a whole pizza with onions, pepperoni and beans, pull your pants down and bend over.
Butthead : duh, are you gonna fuck me ?
Beavis : Naw, I'm gonna light your farts and then light this spliff with the emitting gas.
Butthead : Makes sense. Cool !
by Virgin Suicides April 22, 2017
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simply put, when capitalism gets MEAN.
Untold numbers of african-american communities have been decimated by government-ordered imprisonment of their largely male populations; low wage McDonald's and Walmart service jobs have been touted as reputable career options for some time now; the national economy is officially at full capacity despite millions of current unemployed and underemployed workers; the president says he openly admires the Russian prime minister and the way he manages its' kleptocratic economic and political systems; the 1% vs. the 99%. This is fascism.
by Virgin Suicides April 21, 2017
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