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Where they make criminals sit and wait for about 30 years knowing that eventually someone will come in and hand them "how would you like to be killed, chose from 4 painless methods" brochure and that they will eventually be systematically killed in a dressed up ceremony.
I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.
by towel401 October 04, 2004
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A housing unit for all inmates sentences to death by Gas Chamber, Lethal Injection, Electric Chair, or Hanging. The inmates are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, armed robbers, and kidnappers.
Tommy Andreas is on death row for killing a 4.0 GPA student and her family by destroying their house with a napalm canister. He is scheduled to be executed in the gas chamber on the 12 of December.
by Super Trouper October 17, 2003
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A once major record label based on the Westside of the States which often beefed with Bad Boy records.
Founded by Suge Knight it became one of the most successful rap labels of all time signing artists such as Tupac, Dr Dre and Snoop Dog.
After muliple scandels and problems including the inprisionment of Suge Knight and the death of Death Rows most successful artist, 2pac, Death Row changed its name to Tha Row for a fresh start but still retained its characterisc logo...A man in the electric chair.
Too Gangsta For Radio - Death Row Records
released 2001
by Warren From Tha UK August 11, 2005
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A record label that was home to the biggest artists from the west coast during the 90s. It once housed heavy hitters such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 2Pac. Now it is a place where rapper's careers go to die.

If you are an artist trapped on death row, your best chance to escape is to fake your own death (a la 2pac)
aspiring rapper: I just signed to death row.
friend: oh shit homie, you're screwed.
aspiring rapper: I know, I know, I was drunk and Suge was going to beat my ass if I didn't.
friend: you know what you gotta do? You gotta pull a 2pac.
by drumac October 29, 2008
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A particularly bad street in a bad neighborhood. Often applied to the worst street in the area, but there can be numerous "Death Rows" in a given neighborhood.

Some streets that are only dangerous for certain people can also be tagged as death row.

People often risk death by traveling down certain streets, either at particular times, or at any time. Causes of death can include: Armed robbery, muggings, gang wars, family feuds, random shootings/knife attacks, drive by shootings, reckless drivers, and stepping on and getting stuck by used needles.
ex. 1) Damn, ever since the fire station closed down, beach street really turned into death row.

ex. 2) South coronado boulevard is like death row for asians.

ex. 3) Damn, Terry fucked up so bad with Jullie, the whole street she lives on is death row for him. Her whole family is out to get him.
by Wolf89 March 12, 2008
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When drinking, death row is the act of lining up a least five shots and drinking each one as fast as you can.
Buddy: Dude come do a death row with me.
You: Damn we're gonna get fucked up.
by Mr. Champ June 15, 2014
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The craziest mofo to walk the streets of tampa. He creates supernovas with a single stare. His theme song is super freak and when played he turns into a unstoppable force of nature. If you ever end up in a dark alley or hallway with Deathrow run as fast as you can cause your life depends on it.
by stdeathrow July 08, 2012
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