A variation on "the shocker." The electric chair is where the top wears a strap-on above or below his actual member (or, if the top is a woman, two strap-ons) and penetrates both the anus and vagina.
Dude, I got a strap-on as a white-elephant present at the nursing home. Linda better not misbehave tonight or I'm giving her the electric chair.
by Yosemite slam November 10, 2013
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Also known as the double shocker. The electric chair involves forming a shocker with each hand and putting those hands together so that they match up symmetrically. The pair of hands is then used to pleasure a female partner in the same manner in which a shocker would. The hands can be moved in opposite directions while inserted in the female also known as "extra-voltage" electric chair. The electric chair originated in Peoria, Illinois.
Steve: I want to give Anna a shocker so bad.
Miguel: Anna is a high class girl. you should use the electric chair.
Steve: Extra voltage time!
by peoriaflipper June 21, 2010
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stan twitter uses it as a way for wanting someone to die
send robert downey jr to the electric chair already
by Josh Anall January 6, 2019
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A piece of furniture that is used to carry out a death sentence by administering an electrical current to the subject that is sufficient to cause death.
Too many pedophiles. Time to dust off the ol' electric chair.
by Aribeth April 10, 2005
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The grizzly act (that hopefully occurs while one is sitting on the toilet) where, all at the same time, urine comes out of the penis fervently; vomit uncontrollably is spewed from the mouth at projectile-like speeds, and a fire-hydrant like charge of diarrhea unwantingly bursts from the anus; causing said victim's muscular system to tense up like they are being electrocuted.
I had a two day binger on the river and suffered from the electric chair after I polished off that plate of tuna fish nachos. Don't go in the bathroom.
by AlPersiano April 29, 2011
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Electric chair, electric chair
I’ll give it to you, a brand new shocking sensation

First off let’s make it very clear
LGBT, and everyone queer
This song is not written for you, I’m not Mike Pence

Illumination, light up the room with a single chair
Then it goes boom, Miranda Cosgrove—sparks fly everywhere

If you have been streaming WAP, then you too will get the zap
That doesn’t rhyme, but I don’t give a shit I do not rap
And Danganronpa stans, you guys as well aren’t safe
Light up the chair, none of you ever know how to behave

You Minecraft YouTuber stans, the crazy shit you guys say
on my timeline, did you think that I’d let you get away?
Calling out every one of you one by one
Why don’t you have a seat in my

Electric chair, electric chair
I’ll give it to you, a brand new shocking sensation

This one’s for all the K-Pop stans
I’ve had enough of your fancams
But if it’s me, then I agree—stream “Miku” now

Last but not least there’s vocatwt
And anything will make them bitter
But at the end of the day who cares, it’s singing robots
by yourlocalbrit June 19, 2021
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The food that you would wanna eat before you were sent to the electric chair to be killed, meaning the best food you've ever had and the food you would like to die with.
MAN! This burger is so good, I think this qualifies as electric chair food!
by JESUS1207109347120 November 27, 2010
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