When drinking, death row is the act of lining up a least five shots and drinking each one as fast as you can.
Buddy: Dude come do a death row with me.
You: Damn we're gonna get fucked up.
by Mr. Champ June 15, 2014
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The craziest mofo to walk the streets of tampa. He creates supernovas with a single stare. His theme song is super freak and when played he turns into a unstoppable force of nature. If you ever end up in a dark alley or hallway with Deathrow run as fast as you can cause your life depends on it.
by stdeathrow July 08, 2012
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Deathrow is bond that only rare people give. The only way out of that friendship is death. Hence the name, deathrow. If you were to break that friendship, you will never be trusted and will feel the wrath. Therefore, death either mentally or physically will be taken place.
"I give you deathrow."
by Streetwise.only September 01, 2019
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