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The holy grail of hip hop. Some believe that it doesn't even exist. Legend has it that the greatest hip hop producer of all time dr. dre will someday release his monumentous third album Detox and singlehandedly save hip hop music from the pure and utter crap it has become.
believer: please release Detox Dr. Dre and save us from the snap and the motorcycle dance.
non-believer: it will never happen. We are doomed.
by drumac December 08, 2007

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A record label that was home to the biggest artists from the west coast during the 90s. It once housed heavy hitters such as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 2Pac. Now it is a place where rapper's careers go to die.

If you are an artist trapped on death row, your best chance to escape is to fake your own death (a la 2pac)
aspiring rapper: I just signed to death row.
friend: oh shit homie, you're screwed.
aspiring rapper: I know, I know, I was drunk and Suge was going to beat my ass if I didn't.
friend: you know what you gotta do? You gotta pull a 2pac.
by drumac October 29, 2008

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the ultimate diss, typed in all caps, first uttered by SICK1 in the online browser-based game solar empire
noob: (some typical stupid statement by a noob)

by drumac January 09, 2009

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Something so extraordinary that it would definitely live up to the expectations set by Dr. Dre's over-hyped and long-awaited album Detox
"Damn look at that fly girl over there. She is definitely on some detox shit"
by drumac January 23, 2011

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Another name for the San Francisco Bay Area. First coined by Bay Area rapper Spice 1
Sittin on the dock of the dirty bay waitin for my yay. I might have to use my ak.
by drumac January 14, 2009

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