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17 definitions by Super Trouper

1. An act when a person brings a murder weapon to school, talk about killing students or staff, or shoots up the school

2. See Columbine

3. A crime under Zero Tolerance
Danny told another student that he was going to kill the school resource officer be detinating a carbomb in the squad car. Now he is serving 15 year inprisonment
by Super Trouper October 18, 2003
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1.A kind of show that is very depressing and that is very sexually dramatizing. There is no shagging, no nudity, there worst than reality TV.

2.A kind of show that is worse than Jerry Springer and gayer than crossing over.
General Hospital sucks! As the World Turns reaks of death! All my Children sucks ass! The Young and the Restless is Roc Hudson gay! All soapoperas must and needs to be cancelled and taken off the air on CBS, ABC, and NBC pemantantlly.
by Super Trouper October 20, 2003
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See "Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice"
by Super Trouper November 11, 2003
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by Super Trouper September 2, 2003
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1. A practice by the Italian Mafia that has went on since the introduction of the car.

2. See Italian Mafia

3. To place a car bomb into the starter of the car that a trator of the Italian mafia or the person who hasn't been paying protection.
Joey: Since Biff hasn't been paying protection, were going to teach him a lesson.

Ken: How are we going to Biff a lesson?

Joey: Were going to blow up his car with him inside it.

Ken: You mean a car bombing?

Joey: Yes a Car bombing
by Super Trouper November 20, 2003
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R(1970)When two detectives, "Coffin Ed Johnson" and "Gravedigger Jones" investigave a robbery and a $87,000.00 bail of cotton dropped off in Harlem.
Cotton Comes to Harlem Rules
by Super Trouper August 18, 2003
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