When you release a vile, gaseous cloud from your anus in a bathroom, then coax an unsuspecting victim in to said room and then slam the door and hold it shut, thus forcing the inhalation of your putrid flatulence while you laugh
" I was sick of Jerry's shit so i told him that he left his keys in the bathroom, when he went in to check, i whipped the door shut after i took a horrendous loaf and said "Welcome to the gas chamber motha fucka!"
by Fernie77 May 8, 2015
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The act of performing a dutch oven, alone, and then masturbating in said dutch oven
Yeah man I caught Baker doing a gas chamber the other night. His room smelled like a Shoney's for weeks.
by FartSammich October 31, 2011
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Farting while in an enclosed space, such as an elevator, where you victim(s) cannot escape in a hurry. This forces those that are trapped to breath in the odor until it is possible for them to leave.
Once at 2:00 in the morning at the airport I was stuck on an elevator with a young couple and their single, misbehaving crotchfruit who would not stop bumping into my broken arm. Being already pissed about having to travel internationally without much warning from my boss, I decided to get back at them by turning the elevator into a gas chamber just as I arrived at my floor. With the child's face being about ass-height, I felt quite satisfied after.
by Cripple Chris October 24, 2010
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The event in which one is enjoying a hot shower alone (or more preferrably with company) and passes gas resulting in the amplification of the atrocious (yet now awe-inspiring) odor released, thus creating the "gas chamber."
"I was fucking my girl in the shower when I farted and it smelled so bad I thought I was in a gas chamber. She seemed to lose interest in me after that... "
by CRAPPY91 July 8, 2009
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When a girl is giving a guy a blowjob, and he farts in her face.
Dude, this chick was giving me a blowjob and I then I put her in a gas chamber
by yeahbuddy1234 February 22, 2011
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Farting in an enclosed space either by yourself or with others.
"I nearly passed out when I gas chambered the shower stall" "Man, I just gas chambered the elevator on the way up"
by chillax_ October 14, 2009
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When one or two people hold someone down on the floor and open his/her mouth, then another person farts in that person's mouth with the buttox completely touching the face. There cannot be any air interferance, the anus must be locked onto the mouth so that the person can get the whole fart.
by Da Man Wit Da Plan January 18, 2004
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