ordin is and somewhat intelligent okay guy who is sometimes funny but has no taste of girls and his eyebrows split weird ordin will not get a girl cause he doesnt want to and no girls like him now maybe in the future but he is a good guy with horrible tast in food and friends
by jjjjjjjjjccjjj September 07, 2017
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Someone who is very stern, strict, anal, stuck up, snotty, snobby, noobish, laking of friends, a complete loser, and etc.

It basically covers all the curse words by saying the simple phrase " You are so ordinal".

Originates frum my head (which one) lol adam.
by Nicktheguywhoknoesall March 31, 2005
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The verb to bro-ordinate is bro-terminology for planning a homosocial or "bro" event or gathering of any size. This would include texting, calling, or facebooking a number of "bros," inviting them somewhere to play gamecube, drink light beer, and watch sketch comedy clips on youtube.
-Yo, bro, could you call Bill and bro-ordinate for the hockey game? Then we could go listen to the new Jack Johnson cd up in my room.

-dude, don't let George bro-ordinate for the gamecube party. he's totally lame and nobody likes him.

-do you have any plans tonight? not yet, but I'm about to bro-ordinate some with my bro Bilderberg on the phone.
by familyguyfan6969 May 07, 2009
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Sheen-inspired euphemism for a prodigious bowel movement. Created to replace "morning glory" which is also used to describe a male's morning erection - a source of considerable confusion.
Coworker: Hold that thought - I just finished my coffee and it's time to deploy my ordinance.

Roommate: You may want to use the restroom before me, I'm about to deploy some ordinance on some soft targets.

Dump-dialed friend: I can't believe I'm on the phone with you as you deploy ordinance.

Medical student: Gross, that patient just deployed ordinance while I was trying to collect a history.
by Abnormal Facies March 10, 2011
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The act of aligning the penis with a tight vagina to allow for simple harmonic motion, resulting in human propagation.
This chick got an 'A' by doing a reciprocal-ordination-of-the-coordinates with the lecturer in her dorm room.
by cockG September 11, 2010
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