Your stature, your state of mind. Used mainly in The Screwed Up South.
"Mah ordinance iz kool!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 20, 2005
ordin is and somewhat intelligent okay guy who is sometimes funny but has no taste of girls and his eyebrows split weird ordin will not get a girl cause he doesnt want to and no girls like him now maybe in the future but he is a good guy with horrible tast in food and friends
by jjjjjjjjjccjjj September 7, 2017
Someone who is very stern, strict, anal, stuck up, snotty, snobby, noobish, laking of friends, a complete loser, and etc.

It basically covers all the curse words by saying the simple phrase " You are so ordinal".

Originates frum my head (which one) lol adam.
by Nicktheguywhoknoesall April 1, 2005
When a player dives on the ground after a basketball
The player got a Plum Ordinance for diving after the basketball.
by Sajak April 21, 2013
Sheen-inspired euphemism for a prodigious bowel movement. Created to replace "morning glory" which is also used to describe a male's morning erection - a source of considerable confusion.
Coworker: Hold that thought - I just finished my coffee and it's time to deploy my ordinance.

Roommate: You may want to use the restroom before me, I'm about to deploy some ordinance on some soft targets.

Dump-dialed friend: I can't believe I'm on the phone with you as you deploy ordinance.

Medical student: Gross, that patient just deployed ordinance while I was trying to collect a history.
by Abnormal Facies March 10, 2011
The verb to bro-ordinate is bro-terminology for planning a homosocial or "bro" event or gathering of any size. This would include texting, calling, or facebooking a number of "bros," inviting them somewhere to play gamecube, drink light beer, and watch sketch comedy clips on youtube.
-Yo, bro, could you call Bill and bro-ordinate for the hockey game? Then we could go listen to the new Jack Johnson cd up in my room.

-dude, don't let George bro-ordinate for the gamecube party. he's totally lame and nobody likes him.

-do you have any plans tonight? not yet, but I'm about to bro-ordinate some with my bro Bilderberg on the phone.
by familyguyfan6969 May 8, 2009
The act of aligning the penis with a tight vagina to allow for simple harmonic motion, resulting in human propagation.
This chick got an 'A' by doing a reciprocal-ordination-of-the-coordinates with the lecturer in her dorm room.
by cockG September 11, 2010