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1) A TV host that annoyed the public with various "comedy" set ups and who also made a small fortune from showing clips of people falling over and hurting themselves. He has a small hand - a deformation from God to remind us all that we shouldn't profit from others misfortune.

2) When you have been dealt a Jeremy Beadle in a card game you have been dealt a bad hand. See above.
A traumatised wannabe terrorist has been told to prove his faith by shooting his grandmother in the face and is now standing over the body with a smoking gun in his hand...

Jeremy Beadle jumps out from a bin, dressed as a terrorist:
"Ha ha..Got was a fake gun there Tommy, it was a set up"
Tommy: "Shit, I used my own gun. I killed my grandmother for nothing..."
Jeremy Beadle: "My hand hurts.."
by Digitalnonsense November 12, 2006
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Jowly Star of Just for Laughs and Beadle's About. Also known as a "star" attraction at various circuses, possibly holding the chimps while Mary Chipperfield gives them a slap.
Interestingly, Jeremy was bitten by a rabid pig as a child and now one of his hands is turning into a trotter and he sometimes grunts like a rutting pig.
by Ian Rogers March 26, 2004
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