240 is a cultural phenomena/symbol, not to be confused with the 420 movement, meaning 'loose party' or something that would be regarded as 'novelty'. The origin is unknown to this day but is widely understood colloquially in Australia.
person 1: 'yo man, how was that party at Karl's last night?'. Person 2: 'man it was 240, loose party, roll-over til the next day. Few bags and seshed.' person 1: 'woah, 240 man.'

or ''sup man, do you want to 240 tonight?'

'na man, i cant i'm sick.'
by Brecken Beats June 25, 2017
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Similar to the term, "Teggy" or "Teggie" for the Acura Integra or "Civ" for Honda Civic. It is the shortened phrase for the sports compact, Nissan 240SX. The 240SX has a huge cult following. From different studies of racing, it is an iconic vehicle. It is especially popular amongst drift competitions. With it's lightweight "S" chassis and rear-wheel-drive configuration it is one of the most popular sports compact vehicles that has withstood twenty years and more; even gaining in popularity today.
"That 240 can really go sideways"
by Shibanbaho September 10, 2012
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A model by Volvo driven by professors, intellectuals, and big headed service managers. Also eighty ounces of beer.
John drives a 240 and looks like a complete tool.

Yo, I had 2 forty of st. ides and I got me a mean buzz
by camarron May 11, 2005
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240 is used as a reference to cannibus sativa ( marijuana ) origon as I was told is that at 2:40 everything stops so that everyone can smoke their stash
relaxed work environment, casual dress, 240 friendly
by stilldonnie April 9, 2009
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some lame-ass Bellevue gang that think their shit don't stink.
Matt: "Holy shit dude, did you hear about that shooting at the West Lot? The whole Russian gang is dead!"
Mike: "Fer sho dude, it was the 240s, they fucking shoot up everyone in their way"
Matt: "Fah shizzle"
by Pak September 24, 2003
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made by nissan the 240sx is a 2 door rear wheel sports car commonly used for drifting. japan specs use a sr20det engine which is turbo charged.
man did you see that 240sx at the car show today. That thing is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
by anhion March 18, 2005
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What poser skaters call and /or consider a 270° rotation.
Coach did you peep that 240° spin? I'm hella good at sk8ting right?
by Ranchgirls November 21, 2020
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