to flop your penis and balls back and forth making the sound of slapping much like a dead fish slapping and object
Dude I was over Mark's last night and he was asleep so I turned on the lights and started dead fishing until his mom walked in. It was like flop flop flop/
by Willy Phister October 25, 2009
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A condition while having sex in the missionary position that the female on bottom will just lay there like a dead lifeless fish.
Girl's thoughts as a dead fish while having sex..... " Do I need anything from the store today?" "I need to pick up my drycleaning" " he done yet?"..."We really should paint the ceiling"

Guys thoughts while having sex with a Dead fish... "'I am the shit" " I am fucking her so hard she can't move" "Look at her eyes, she can't even look at me I am such a stud" "fuck yea...I rock"
by J & R Cock March 27, 2005
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Person who lays in bed without doing anything during sex.
He is real cute but in bed he's a dead fish!
by Xander October 30, 2003
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When you are going down on a girl and she has no emotions and her face looks like a dead fish and is dissatisfied.
Matt Austin was finger blasting this girls snatch super hard and went down on her and she instantly looked like a dead fish.
by bitchtits907 May 18, 2013
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What I'm going to hide under the seat of my ex's car.
(After getting into the car)
"Is that dead-fish smell me, or is my new girlfriend just in the car somewhere?"
by His worst mistake March 1, 2008
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People in the business community will have no respect for you if you hand them the dead fish.
by freewill December 10, 2011
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(verb) The condition of one's limbs going limp, causing one to spontaneously fall to the ground from a standing upright position, as a dead fish would. This action follows someone directing the command "dead fish" towards an unsuspecting victim. The goal is to make the "dead fish" feel as awkward and embarassed as humanly possible.
"Wow, Kate Morris just got dead fished in front of the entire boys' soccer team. She looks like an idiot."
"I just got dead fished in front of the entire mens' lacrosse team. I'm going to go kill myself now"
by JP and Ariel April 18, 2006
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